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Everyone who has spoken to me about mascaras, will know that Maybelline mascaras are one of my favourites. I love how dark and lush they never fail to make my lashes, and how affordable they are despite delivering such great results.

The latest mascaras by Maybelline is the Volum’ Express The Rocket. This new mascara features an innovative, multi-patented brush that coats lashes evenly from root to tip. One of the reasons why it could deliver such great results is because the bristles are flexible and uniformly-spaced in order to coat and separate lashes.

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara1

The formula is also something to shout about. A gel-based, latex-like formula, it makes the lashes look glossy and what’s even more amazing – flexible. I have a peeve about how mascara sometimes make my lashes feel like sticks, which I really hate.

The Rocket is also smudge-free. I’ve been wearing it on several occasions where I have a day-to-night, back-to-back appointments, and the smudges – if at all – that I got was very minimal. And for a heavy-duty product like this, it comes off easily with some warm water.

The last time I’ve came across a smudge-proof mascara that washes off easily is the Blinc mascara, but it carries quite a hefty price tag. The Volum’ Express The Rocket mascara is priced at only SGD18.90. A great value, and greater virtue product, if you ask me!

My review on Maybelline The Rocket Mascara

Favourite mascara of the moment – most definitely! It delivers so much more value than the buck.

Do you see that intense bright blue eyeshadow that I wore in the picture above?

I am excited by bold colours, especially when they’re for the eyes. That’s why my heart skipped a beat when I laid our eyes on the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR .

Maybelline promises that this cream shadow will “stay on your eyes like a club door stamp clings to your wrist” and I have to absolutely agree with it. I wore it in the morning at 9am, and went from places to places till about 10pm when I finally got back home to remove my makeup. I noticed that the eyeshadow looked exactly like how it did when I first applied it. Very amazing.

I also love how intense the colour is and the slight iridescence that it offers. It definitely helps to make my eyes stand out a lot more.

However, don’t expect the cream gel to glide on as easily as your usual powder shadow and cream shadows. It has a slightly sticky texture and will require just a tad more effort in the application. Despite this, I think it’s an acceptable trade-off for long-lasting, smudge-proof application. Don’t worry about blending too – I blended a darker shade of blue powder shadow in this look and the two colours went together seamlessly and harmoniously.

According to the brand, the Color Tattoo 24HR is formulated using a unique “hot-pour” system, where you can get a silky gel-like formula that gives a super intense colour payoff.

Besides Tenacious Teal, which I used, they have seven other colours too.

This isn’t exactly a new product, but is definitely worth checking out again. It retails at $15.90 per pot.