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We all know how one’s face shape could change by undergoing plastic surgery, but very few of us would think about sculpting our faces by pushing our facial bones!

This is exactly the philosophy behind Yakson House’s Golki therapy, and strange as it may sound, it has brought them plenty of success. Established in 1979 in Masan, South Korea, Yakson House has gone on to open more than 100 branches in Asian countries such as Japan, China, and the Philippines.

It has since landed on our shores with its first Singapore branch opened this year at Wheelock Place, and we were excited to check it out.

Yakson Waiting and Reception

I was attended to by their senior consultant, Joanne, who was very patient and helpful with my many queries about the sort of treatment that Yakson House provided. They have a range of different programmes to cater to the different needs of customers, with some only comprising of normal skincare, whether it’s removing blemishes or whitening the skin tone.

Their more popular packages, Small Face, Sculpture Face and Balance Face, however, revolve around their signature treatment, the Golki therapy.

Small Face: Makes the face shape sharper and more oval. Shape line of the face becomes smoother.

Small Face CareSource: Yakson

Sculpture Face: Similar to Small Face, but also takes care of the facial features to make them look more defined.

Sculpture Face CareSource: Yakson

Balance Face: For unbalanced or slanted faces, and also includes care for the hip, leg or pelvis.

Balance Face CareSource: Yakson

Although these treatments are called “face cares”, they all include body massages within each treatment session in order to improve blood circulation and to encourage the removal of toxins. Each session is about two hours long.

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The parlour

Yakson locker area

Yakson House boasts a soothing, wooden design throughout the parlour. There’s a dedicated changing room area with lockers to put your belongings, clothes and shoes. These lockers operate similarly to hotel room safes, in which you key in your own passcode to lock it. You don’t have to worry about your belongings as you enjoy your treatment session!


There’s a changing room and a shower, as well as a dressing table with complimentary skincare products for you to use comfortably before and after your session.


Upon entering my treatment room for the day, I noticed that the bed looked a little different from the beds of most spas. It had a plastic covering, and was heated to a comfortable warmth. My therapist said that this was not only to prevent clients from feeling cold in the air-conditioned room, but was also part of the treatment as the warmth will help to improve blood circulation and encourage body waste removal.

The treatment

The treatment session began with a massage. My therapist asked whether I’d like her to concentrate on the back and neck, or the chest and abdomen.

Like many people, I experience shoulder and neck stiffness being seated at a desk or looking at a computer most of the day, so I opted for the back and neck massage. My therapist explained that they administer a Korean style massage that is modified and adapted specially for Yakson therapy.

After the massage came the skincare treatment. Senior consultant Joanne said that the treatment usually changes every session for clients who sign up for a package, depending on their needs.

Yakson uses 100% natural and herbal ingredients and create their own ranges of facial skin care products. They also have a line of products that promises to have low allergy-triggering risk, and is suitable for sensitive skin. The facial skin care lines cater for different skin concerns, including whitening, acne-fighting, lifting, decreasing redness and so on.

The one that was used for me during my session was made of 100% sea salt powder. According to Joanne, this sea salt powder would help to draw out impurities and dirt from the skin, to prevent pimples and acne. As such, it was dusted on to the skin and very lightly brushed over the face, neck and collarbones, instead of being rubbed and pushed as one would expect for any other facial product.

The motion of light dusting was quite a contrast to the kneading massage that came just before, and felt very soothing. Sea salt is typically used for the first three sessions of a package, and then later switched around to other lines in subsequent visits.

Next came the part that I had been anticipating with both excitement and dread. Joanne and the therapist warned me about how some clients found the Golki therapy painful during their first one or two sessions, and I was curious about this unusual procedure which most of us would not have experienced before in any other spa treatments.

All Golki therapy in Yakson House is done by a “Master”, specially trained at the Yakson House Academy in South Korea, established by the inventor of the Golki technique, who is also the founder of Yakson House. The Master at the Singapore branch who attended to me was Diane. She customises the Golki therapy during each session to the client’s current face shape and bone structure.


The Golki therapy was everything that my previous therapist had said it would be. I wouldn’t want to sugarcoat the process, and must honestly admit that it was really quite painful for me.

The Master pushes down hard on your facial bones, sometimes asking you to say, “Oh” while she pushes. She switches from pushing your jawbone upwards and inwards, in the process of creating a V-line face, to pushing your cheekbones closer together in order to make your face smaller.

In a later conversation with Joanne, I learnt that clients, especially those who do not exercise regularly, would find their first few sessions of Golki the most painful. The pain, however, usually starts to go away by the third session, and from the fifth session onwards, some customers may even start asking the Master to push harder.

After the Golki therapy was done, another therapist came in and applied a facial mask that felt refreshing on the skin, and was meant as a soothing, cool-down process to the entire session. The mask was allowed to set for 20 minutes, during which I was left alone to rest in the room.

Then, the mask is peeled off by the therapist, and the session concluded. This mask may also change with each visit, sometimes used to soothe the skin (as was the case for me), and sometimes to brighten the skin tone. Again, Yakson House uses their own house-formulated range of facial masks made from natural and herbal ingredients.

The experience

For clients who sign up for the 20-session package, there is an additional after-service care policy stating that if by the 20th session there is no significant change between the 1st and 20th session masks, all sessions from the 21st onwards will be free of charge until you are completely satisfied with the changes in your face shape.

Do take note, however, that this after-service care policy will only apply for clients between 20 – 60 years old, as facial bones might be difficult to shift for those above 60 years old. Clients above 60 years old usually opt for aesthetic packages like the V-line facial care treatment, which help with the complexion and skin tone but do not include Golki therapy.

The recommended frequency of this treatment is once a week, or once every two weeks. Doing it only once in a month would be too infrequent for any lasting change to be seen, I was told. For those who want to see effects fast, there is a special wedding care package that allows clients to have sessions three times a week, and is continued over a course of 20 sessions, taking about three months in total to achieve a smaller face and slimmer body for their special day.

Before & After


I had a before-and-after photo taken at the venue itself. Joanne assured me that even after one session, some immediate small changes should already be visible in my face shape. What do you think?

Popular treatment packages such as Small Face Care is priced at SGD3,840 (before GST) for 20 sessions. Yakson House ia located at #05-12A Wheelock Place, from 9.30am to 9.30pm daily. Call 6734-8777 or email [email protected] for enquiries.

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