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Mineral-based makeup brand Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics has been launched recently. Its line of products is designed to allow skin to breathe, but lock in moisture, and is photograph-friendly – in line with the brand’s philosophy of creating makeup that’s beneficial to skin.

Saying cheese with Mr. Daniel Chavez!

Saying cheese with Mr. Daniel Chavez!

My makeover by Mr. Chavez!

My makeover by Mr. Chavez!

Speaking to Daniel Chavez, global trainer of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics at the launch event, I quickly learnt what mineral makeup is all about. He explained that there is a glaring difference between mineral-based makeup and mineral-infused makeup. Mineral-infused makeup, to put it simply, is just normal makeup with several minerals added into it. Mineral-based products, on the other hand, are entirely made up of minerals.

Mr. Chavez added that the minerals used in mineral-based Youngblood are of the same grade as diamonds found on engagement rings, and this is why the products are generally pricier than average drugstore cosmetics.

I also noticed that there’s an obvious lack of colours in the range. This lack of colours is due to their strong belief in not tempering with the pigments found naturally in the minerals. This being said, the smaller palette doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform well. In fact, Youngblood’s makeup has been used on the runway models in the USA!


Purely the Basics Kit in the colour Light

After hearing about the products and how different they are from others, we have to test them and let you know how they really are.
Testing the colours Ivory and Neutral, Ivory wins!

Testing the colours Ivory and Neutral – Ivory wins!

Makeup with Youngblood's Loose Mineral Foundation, Hi-Def Finishing Powder, and Blush!

Makeup with Youngblood’s Loose Mineral Foundation, Hi-Def Finishing Powder, and Blush.

After the end of the day, I do not look like a grease ball!

At the end of the day, I do not look like a grease ball!

Their star product, the Natural Loose Mineral Foundation really worked well for me. It offers high coverage, and at the same time, gives a natural-looking finish.


Youngblood Natural Loose Foundation

The High Definition Finishing Powder also helped in ensuring that my face didn’t look greasy at the end of the day, something new for my skin! You can use a hydrating spray to set or refresh your makeup as well!


Youngblood High-definition Finishing Powder

I actually brought these products with me on my holiday to Bali. After climbing the rice terrace, and being covered in perspiration, the foundation was actually still there! Wow!

I also like that the cosmetics line is committed to being environmentally-friendly. You’ll notice that their products are without mirrors. Mirrors, which are thrown away after we are done with the product, are non-biodegradable, and this is why they’ve made the decision to exclude them. It may seem like a hassle to us, but let’s embrace this small step taken by them to lead the cosmetics industry into reducing their carbon footprint.

You will not find this in regular drugstores as they believe that the products should not be bought off the shelves, but only bought after consultation with someone who is knowledgeable about the products. It is available at Aster Spring centres. The list of locations can be found here.

Extra tips for using mineral makeup

  • Oxidation, a process that darkens makeup, is completely normal for mineral makeup. Hence, it is important to test the shades on your face and find the right match. Apply it, then give it about 60 seconds to oxidise before deciding which one to get.
  • Mineral makeup is powder-heavy. Always apply it in a downwards motion instead of upwards. Our face has facial hair, sweeping it upwards traps powder under the hairs, making the hairs look more obvious.
  • Knock the base of the brush to get the powder into the brush, to give more coverage.