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When the opening of Yunomori was announced, many of us were ecstatic – we finally have onsen facilities in Singapore and we don’t have to travel to Taiwan or Japan to enjoy it anymore. Yunomori Onsen & Spa has 11 pools with six variations, and it also offers massages and spa treatments, as well as a dining café.

What was it like at Yunomori?

Actual interior

Actual interior

I was greeted by the friendly reception staff who checked me in and passed me a tag that can be used to access my locker, and also to make purchases at the café. There are separate areas for men and women. At the entrance of the women’s onsen, I got to choose a kimono and headed to the locker area to get changed. You can choose to naked at the onsen or ask for disposable panties and a tube to cover up your chest. However, these disposable undergarments are really thin, so you have to be ready that you won’t be thoroughly covered up. This being said, everyone is there to enjoy the onsen, and not to ogle at other women, so it’s actually not as awkward as it sounds.


Each pool can easily and comfortably accommodate up to about 10 people, based on my estimation, but at any one point when I went on a weekday afternoon, were there more than two people in the pool with me. In fact, most of the time, I get to enjoy the entire pool by myself.

Artist's impression

Artist’s impression

There are six variations of baths: Soda Bath (with carbon dioxide to improve circulation and reduce high blood pressure), Silk Bath (with hydrogen to give water silky texture, and helps alleviate aches), Bubble Bath (foamy bath), Jet Bath (stimulate blood circulation), Hot Bath, and Cold Bath.

Because my blood pressure tends to be on the low side, I find Soda Bath make me feel dizzy very quickly. My favourite has to be Silk Bath and I find that I was able to spend a lot of time in it and it felt really good for me. The only bath that I, as well as other patrons it seems, was unable to overcome, was the Cold Bath. Every one of us walked into the bath only to come up really quickly. Although the water temperature is set at 17 to 19 degC, because your body is already quite warm from the other baths, it feels incredibly cold. This bath is supposed to stimulate the body’s natural energy with the change in temperature and also tighten skin to achieve anti-ageing effects. So, if you’re up for the challenge, you should definitely jump into it.

Because of my low blood pressure, I find that it was easier to cope with the baths if I take breaks in between each one. I’d usually enjoy one pool for about 15 minutes, and then sit down at the chairs in the onsen area, cool off and rest for a bit, before going into the next one.

Review of massage at Yunomori

I scheduled for a Thai massage, which I went for other spending 40 minutes at the onsen. I like that there are TV screens in the onsen area that flashes your locker number when it was time for your massage appointment.

My therapist led me to my spa treatment room and after I got changed, she got to work. Before the massage began, she has already found out which are my problem areas through a questionnaire I had to fill in. There were even diagrams of the body that I can indicate on to show her where I would like her to focus on.

The massage was unexpectedly one of the best ones I’ve ever gone for. The therapist managed to loosen up all the kinks and aches I had before the massage. The onsen and massage combination really helped me relax thoroughly and all I wanted to do was to head home and sleep the rest of the day away.


But before that, I was hungry and needed a quick bite. I headed to the café, which was small but cosy. There are quite a number of options that I could go for and I chose the soba with onsen egg. It tasted better than I expected – I mean, I wasn’t actually expecting an onsen and spa to serve very good food.

Overall, I had a really good time and would definitely consider coming back again, especially when I’m feeling stressed or fatigued. It is a great way of spending me-time and giving your body a chance to relax completely.

Entrance fees are at SGD28+ (children and seniors) and SGD38+ (adults) for access to the onsen facilities for the entire day and to try out different variation of baths. You can add on massages and spa treatments from the spa menu available. Food orders are also charged separately.

Yunomori Onsen & Spa is located at Kallang Wave Mall, #02-17/18. (Take escalator near the exit of Fairprice; Carpark B Area 3/4). Call 6386-4126 / 6385-7985 for appointments and enquiries.