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Despite the ubiquity of search engines and beauty centres, there are many urban myths floating around and these aren’t helping us much on our quest for beauty. DV looks into five of them to help you differentiate wrong from right.

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Myth #1: Don’t shave, because after shaving, your hair will grow back darker and thicker.

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Debunked: This is one of the top few myths that have been floating around for years. Hair grows from the base of the follicle, which is usually thicker than the tip. When you shave, you cut the hair off from the bottom so when it grows out, the tip of the hair actually used to be the base of the follicle, making your hair look thicker. Shaving doesn’t actually change the natural texture of your hair in any way.

Myth #2: Change your shampoo regularly, because your hair will become resistant to your shampoo after using it for a long time.


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Debunked: Research has shown that the effects of your shampoo on your hair will be the same, however long you have been using it. Further psychological studies even hint that it might just be your psychological dissatisfaction at work as time passes, making you think that the product is less effective. So ladies, try not to throw out those half-full bottles as an excuse for retail therapy!

Myth #3: You should start using anti-ageing products as soon as you hit 30.

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Debunked: Hitting the big 3 may not have to mean the end of your youth. Different people have different cell regeneration rates, thanks to genetics. Also, your exposure to the sun determines your rate of ageing and hence, not everyone needs to slather on anti-ageing creams at the same point of their life, due to different lifestyles – some may need it earlier, some later. However, it’s never too early to bring out the SPF protection, especially on our sunny island, as the best form of protection for your skin against ageing.

Myth #4: You can make your pores smaller.


Debunked: Unfortunately, there’s no way to change the natural size of your pores. But that’s not to say that beauty consultants and cosmetic companies are lying – you can change the size of its appearance because clogged pores are stretched and appear larger than they actually are. This means that exfoliation can help your pores “look” smaller because it eliminates the issue of clogging. Bonus myth debunked: Steam does not open your pores, just as cold water doesn’t close them. The good news is that steam therapy does help to loosen and unclog the gunk in your pores.

Myth #5: Pores can be clogged by makeup and result in the appearance of blackheads.


Debunked: Many of us think that blackheads are a result of poor cleansing, but you can stop blaming yourself now. Blackheads are the oxidation of white heads, which are caused by the accumulation of loose dead skin cells and oil. This build-up results in a visible combination of substance that gets trapped in the follicles near the skin’s surface. A small dose of salicylic acid will normally solve the problem of blackheads. Also, regular exfoliation ensures that dead skin cells are removed before they could thicken and harden.

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