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There are too many common beliefs that we’ve taken as universal truths as you’ve already learnt in the last five beauty myths that we busted. DV helps you cut through the clutter again and get to the bottom of another five beauty myths and explain why they’re not true.

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Myth #6: You can effectively get rid of your zits with toothpaste.

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Debunked: This is certainly urban legend. Toothpaste can’t safely relieve you of that red spot. What it does is to dry out the zit, which gives you the impression of removing it. However, fluoride will burn and damage your skin, which makes it a bad trade-off as a zit-zapper. There are thousands of zit-zapping gels and creams out there for a reason – use them, not toothpaste.

Myth #7: Brushing your hair 100 strokes daily will give you gorgeous hair.

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Admittedly, lots of us don’t even have time to brush 30 strokes before hurriedly leaving the house. (Psst, we’ve heard of many who don’t even own a comb – they simply run their fingers through the hair.) Nonetheless, this old wives’ tale apparently still exists and contrary to belief, brushing your hair so many times actually can result in breakage. That said, brushing your hair regularly can help to distribute the natural oils more evenly and give your mane a glossier finish – just don’t overdo it.

Myth #8: You know your face is clean when it squeaks.

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Unfortunately, your face is not the human equivalent of a floor. The truth is that if your skin feels tight or dry in any way, you are probably not using the correct type of cleanser or you have been on a cleansing overkill. It is probably time to backtrack and pick another cleanser or change your beauty regime. (Psst, do you know that overcleansing can actually cause your skin to dehydrate and produce more oil?)

Myth #9: Dark circles can be eliminated with the right products.

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Yes, you can use a concealer to hide those eye bags, but no, none of those products on the shelf will fulfil their fanciful promises to chase those eye bags away. Genetics are the main cause of your dark circles, so there is nothing much you can do about them, except to pick the right concealer and avoid making them worse with lack of sleep.

Myth #10: You have to drink lots of water to prevent your skin from drying out.

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Of all the myths so far, this is probably one of the most earth-shattering revelations. People who gulp gallons of water can still have dry skin because the immediate use for water you drink goes to your other bodily functions. Also, the level of moisture in your skin is dependent on how much moisture it produces, just as much as how much moisture it retains. This doesn’t mean you can neglect water consumption. You need to keep yourself hydrated in order for your skin to regenerate and keep healthy. Have you heard about the woman who claims to look 10 years younger just by drinking more water?

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