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hair care tips

Hair care goes beyond just washing and conditioning. You might be doing certain things that damage your hair without even knowing it! Yikes! Let’s start taking better care of our hair with these 10 commandments of hair care:

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shampoo hair

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1. Thou shalt wash hair once every two days

Washing your hair daily strips it off of its natural oils. It will leave your hair dry and limp! If you’re afraid that you’ll end up with greasy hair, opt for a dry shampoo. Not only will it help to absorb the excess oil, it will add some volume and texture to your hair too!


2. Thou shalt use conditioner regularly

Conditioning your hair is not a redundant step. It helps to hydrate the hair, making it soft and manageable. Concentrate the conditioner towards the ends of the hair as that’s where it gets damaged and dry the most.

rinse conditioner off with cold water

3.Thou shalt rinse off conditioner with cold water

Rinsing the conditioner off with cold water helps to lock in the moisture, keeping your hair soft and hydrated.

hair mask hair dye

4. Thou shalt pamper hair with a mask

Using a hair mask or a deep conditioner nourishes your hair further. It repairs the hair from the inside, and makes your hair smoother and softer.


5. Thou shalt drink lots of water

Just like the skin, the scalp needs hydration too. If you can’t tell, drinking lots of water helps many areas of our body: the skin, the hair and of course, our internal bodily functions. So drink up, ladies!

styling hair

6. Thou shalt not style hair too often

As much as you need to style your hair every day, TRY YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST not to. Over-styling hair means subjecting it to heat, chemicals from styling products and damage from other hair tools.

use heat protectant

7. Thou shalt use heat protectant

Using a heat protectant helps to protect the hair – especially the ends – from burning or getting incredibly damaged. It acts like a shield against the heat, while still allowing you to style it the way you want it to.

untangle hair knots

8. Thou shalt deal with knotty hair gently

Be patient with your hair if it’s knotty. Don’t forcefully unknot it, as it can cause hair breakage. Apply leave-in conditioner to troubled area and straighten it out with a wide tooth comb.

trimming hair

9. Thou shalt go for a regular hair trim

Many people think that to grow their hair long, they are not supposed to cut it. Actually, it’s better if you go for a trim every couple of months. It allows your hair to grow nicely, without split and dry ends. It will make your hair look healthier too.

tight ponytail

10. Thou shalt not tie hair too tightly

Living in Singapore, we just have to put our long tresse up in a bun when it just gets too humid and hot. If you’re one who ties your hair up in a bun or a high pony often, opt for a loose braid on some days. Pulling your hair too tight can cause hair breakage.

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