Your nails are definitely a focal point most of the time when talking to people, especially if you are a very animated person. Just think about how much you gesture, point or shake hands in a week! For something that is in the limelight so often, you want to groom your nails well and make them presentable. Here are ten commandments that you should follow!

#1 Thou shalt moisturise your hands with hand

This basic step is almost a no-brainer. Moisturise your hands and be sure to massage the cream at your fingertips so as to properly pamper your nail beds and cuticles. Not only does this step help to improve the appearance of your nails, but it also helps to prevent nails from chipping or cracking when they retain more moisture. Pick a hand cream that is fortified with vitamin E for the best result.

#2 Thou shalt not cut your cuticles

Your cuticles are responsible for protecting your nail beds so you should not bite or cut your cuticles, as it will break down the cuticles’ components and might subsequently introduce bacteria. Use a cuticle remover or pusher (be gentle!) to push back cuticles. You can use cuticle clippers to cut hang nails though, but just be careful to avoid clipping off the base. You know you’ve gone too far when you literally see red!

#3 Thou shalt file your nails regularly

It’s easy to be lazy and assume that after going to a manicure, you don’t need to file them again because the nails will naturally grow into the manicured shape. Right? No! Nails naturally grow unevenly and they frequently break if they are uneven, so remember to file them every week to sustain their pretty appearance.

#4 Thou shalt file your nails in one direction

Filing in one direction (no, not those British boys!) will help to prevent nail tears. Start from the side of the nail walls so as to properly obtain the nail shape you want. Filing back and forth is like sawing down your nails; it damages them and cause nails to chip, break and become more brittle.

#5 Thou shalt not take your stress out on your nails

We all have a few personal quirks but if yours is biting your nails or cuticles, stop! Think of all the bacteria under your nails – you don’t eat food that’s been dropped on a dirty surface, so why would you knowingly ingest bacteria? Try applying neem oil on your nails to quit the habit; neem oil protects your nails from fungal infection and also has the additional perk (or not) of tasting disgusting.

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