We shared with you the first five of the ten commandments of nails. Here are the final five!

#6 Thou shalt adopt this mantra: sharing is not caring

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Do not share your nail clippers or cuticle pushers. Your tools have your own germs while your best friend’s tools have hers. Share only the good things in your life, not germs. Be sure to sterilise your tools after a few uses!

#7 Thou shalt use a base coat.

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A base coat helps to protect your nails from stains when you apply nail polish, especially darker colours. This can help to prevent yellowing, and gives you the additional benefit of smoother application when you paint your nails.

#8 Thou shalt pick polish removers wisely.

Use Expired Perfume To Remove Nail Polish

Avoid polish removers with acetone in them. Acetone strips the nails of their layers and cause them to become brittle. Look out for removers with the label “non-acetone” on it, or alternatively, they could have “ethyl acetate”, a less aggressive chemical.

#9 Thou shalt try to avoid glitter nail polish.

The most major problem with glitter is that it sticks around for ages even after you’ve tried to remove the polish. This results in incessant picking at the glitter to peel it off and it definitely damages your nails. An acetone nail polish remover is the best way to remove it, but as mentioned, it’s damaging.

#10 Thou shalt adopt a balanced diet.

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Having a balanced diet that consists of sufficient intake of protein and calcium goes a long way when it comes to your nails. Biotin supplements have also been said to improve the health of the nails. Consult your doctor before taking supplements, especially if you are pregnant.