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A lot of things in life follow the same logic: pay attention in class so you’ll spend less time revising before exams, save now and have more ability to spend in the future… you get the idea. Like these things, the more care you give your skin earlier, the easier it would be for you to maintain it.

The best time to start  caring for your skin is always now. Stop procrastinating and start adopting these habits, pronto!

1. The basics are important

basic skincare

You’ve heard this since forever: cleanse, tone, moisturise. These are indeed the three basic, and most important steps of skincare. While you can opt out of serums and essences, these are the steps you should never exclude from your daily skincare regime.

2. Don’t forget to exfoliate


Exfoliating regularly (once a week is good enough) ensures that the dead skin cells that accumulate at the top of your skin are cleared. This doesn’t just reveals newer, brighter skin cells that make your skin appear smoother, softer and more radiant, it also allows skincare products to better penetrate into your skin.

3. Wear sunscreen

use sunscreen

UV rays are your skin’s worst enemy and are responsible for skin issues like wrinkles, sagginess, and pigmentation. Here is a video that shows you why you should wear sunscreen.

4. Always cleanse with lukewarm water

wash face with lukewarm water

Cold water isn’t efficient in dissolving grime, but hot water can strip of your skin’s natural oils, making your skin drier. Whether it is cleansing or showering, go for lukewarm water.

5. Use an eye cream

eye cream

Many people make the mistake of using eye cream only at a later age, thinking that it is a product only matured women use. An eye cream helps moisturise your eye contours, which has the thinnest skin on your face. This prevents fine lines from forming, which can be really difficult to treat when they develop – and the bad news is that they are usually the first signs of ageing to appear.

6. Don’t neglect your neck and hands


We tend to pay attention only to our faces, but our necks and hands can give away our age too. These areas are often exposed to the sun rays and other environmental aggressors, so do to them what you’d do to your face too.

7. Clean your mobile phone

use mobile phone

Use an anti-bacterial wipe to clean your mobile phone once a week. Since it has so much close contact with our faces, you want to make sure that it is not causing inflammation of your skin (i.e. pimples) from the dirt and oil it’s trapping.

8. Quit smoking

quit smoking

Besides obvious health reasons, smoking speeds up skin ageing and cause wrinkles around the lips. Non-smokers should always avoid second-hand smoke, which can be detrimental to skin too.

9. Use different towels for your face and hair


Oil from your scalp and dirt trapped in your hair can be transferred to your skin through the towel, breaking you out.

10. Be gentle with your skin

gentle to skin

Elasticity of your skin can be weakened through constant rubbing and tugging. So, when it comes to actions such as putting on contact lenses and drying your face with a towel, always do it gently.