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Not all lipsticks are created equally, and red lipsticks happen to be at the top of the hierarchy. Here’s why:

1. It makes you more attractive

red lipstick 2

Don’t take our word for it, though. Ask the sociologists from the Universite de Bretagne-Sud in France, who found that waitresses who wore red lipsticks were tipped more than those who wore lipsticks in other shades because they were seen as more attractive!

2. It is a pain to remove


… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Solid red lip colour generally needs a lip makeup remover to be cleaned off completely. This makes it an awesome choice as it reduces reapplication. Plus point: even if it fades, it is usually to a natural reddish tone that is still very much visible.

3. It helps to cover up discolouration completely

red lipstick 4

Thanks to its dark pigment, red lipsticks help to cover up discolouration on lips with just a layer or two, compared to lighter shades.

4. Because everyone else isn’t

nude lipsticks


There seems to be a misconception that red lips should only be seen in a club or pub, while lighter, muted shades are more suitable for everyday wear. Why? Do we not deserve to feel attractive everyday?

5. It’s the closest to looking like megastars

red lips_Taylor swift

What do the Marilyn Monroe and Taylor Swift have in common? Their signature retro red lips of course! Forget about the smokey eyes, red lips up the glam factor to your makeup instantly.

6. It matches almost every shade in your wardrobe



Electric blue, purple, mustard, white, black, brown, and practically every other shade of green… tick, tick, tick!

7. It loves us all equally



No matter what skin undertone you have, there is a shade of red for you. If you are fair, opt for a vibrant red or wine. If you have a darker complexion, go for tangerine or maroon.

8. It is confidence in a tube

red lipstick 3

Somehow, the boldness of red lips builds an inexplicable sense of self-assurance. If you need an additional confidence-booster for a major presentation or first date, you know which shade to go for!

9. It makes your teeth appear whiter


Because red lipsticks with blue undertones help cancel out the yellow stains on our teeth. It might just be an illusion, but a brighter smile doesn’t hurt anyone.

10. It’s exciting


Nothing beats unwrapping a tube of lipstick to find a gorgeous, shocking red greeting you. True story.

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