Face it – it’s hard to master the trick of getting eyebrows on fleek. They say that eyebrows are sisters, not twins – they aren’t supposed to look identical. But then there are days they just look like very distant cousins. Shape it too much, and you’ll end up looking too “fake” or angry. Try to groom them yourself, and you’ll end up with little to no brows (God forbid!).

To solve your brow dilemmas, we’ve curated 10 tricks for you to get the BEST BROWS EVER. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to makeup or are a beauty junkie, we’re pretty confident everyone could benefit from these tips and tricks. Take down notes because these tips we are about to share are from the Benefit Cosmetic’s Global Brow Artist, Jared Bailey!

We managed to chat with him before Benefit Cosmetics’ Big Reveal (Read on to find out what the big secret is!) But first, the tricks to get awesome-looking brows.

1 . Don’t over-tweeze!


According to Jared, over-tweezing or over-plucking brow hairs is one of the most common mistakes that he hears about. If you prefer grooming your own eyebrows at home, keep calm, and read on to the next tip!

2. Map your brows

benefit brow bar singapore review 2

Brow mapping is a technique that the Benefit Brow Bar Experts use to determine the shape of the brow so they know where to wax and pluck off the stray hairs. You can do this at home by yourself too! Jared shared with us how to do it:

“Make a mark at these areas: from the edge of your nose to the start of your brows, from the edge of your nose to the arch of your brow, going past the pupil of your eye, and from the edge of your nose to the end of your eye. These marks will determine where your brows should start, the arch of your brows, and the end of your brows.”


“Use the Benefit Brow Zings to make these marks, and then use the brow wax with the brush that’s included in the Brow Zings to connect them together. Finally, take the tweezers (also in the Brow Zings!) to remove the hairs that fall out of that area you’ve just mapped out.”

3. If you have sparse brows: Use a brow primer and a thin brow pencil

We have face primers, lip primers, eyeshadow primers, and now Benefit Cosmetics has a brow primer! With its clever name, the BROWVO! Conditioning Eyebrow Primer doesn’t just help your brow product stay on longer, it contains keratin and soy protein that helps brow hairs look healthier, fuller, and thicker.

Other than applying an eyebrow primer, Jared also recommended to use a precise brow pencil like the Precisely, My Brow Pencil.


The pencil is so thin that you’ll be able to create strokes that mimics actual brow hairs! This means you can fill in your brows fully and still have them look natural.

4. Gentle, feathery strokes

As we mentioned in tip #3, feathery strokes help to mimic the look of actual brow hairs, which in turn make your brows look natural and less “drawn”

5. Fill in your brows even if you’re a beginner!

You don’t have to be afraid of not knowing how to fill in your brows. What you need is a product that’s easy to control and can give you the definition you need to have good looking brows. Try one of the latest products by Benefit, Goof-Proof, and Jared tells us why it’s great:

“It has a custom teardrop design so you can push the product through the brows to fill it in. Then, you can use the point for the narrow portions of the brow, or anywhere that you want to have more definition. And if you feel that you’ve put too much, the pencil comes with a spoolie tool for you to blend the product out. It’s literally… Goof-proof. You cannot mess it up!”

6. Set your brows


With Singapore’s humidity, set your brows to make sure your hard brow work stays put all day long! It will also help tame the stubborn brow hairs that love going out of place sometimes.

7. Blend, blend, blend!

Your brows shouldn’t be one colour from the beginning to the end. The part where your brow starts should be lighter than the rest of the brows. This is so you won’t end up looking too angry or fierce! But how do we achieve this “gradient” effect when it comes to the brows? Here’s what Jared had to say:

“Blend! You don’t need to do all the steps like in those pictures on Instagram that I call the ‘Instagram brows.’ Fill in your brows normally, and then take a spoolie brush to blend and soften the front part of your brows. This will give you the gradient effect!”

8. Clean up the edges

If you have extra time, Jared recommends cleaning up the edges of your brow with some concealer after you’ve filled them in to make them look more neat and structured. This will also help make the “gradient effect” look more prominent!

9. For those of you with dark, thick brows

Add some structure to your brows by lightly filling them in and creating the brow shape. Then, add dimension to your brows by using the 3D Brow Highlight.


Yes, it’s like adding highlights to your tresses, but only this is for your brows! Don’t worry, this product won’t give you golden highlights on your brows that can be seen from a mile away. The pigment is so subtle that when applied, it’s not even that obvious in person. It just gives your brows dimension without making it look too overly drawn or appear thicker than it already is.

10. Pick a product/the products that work for you!

You don’t need a million and one products to achieve good looking brows. You just need to pick the right ones! – Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetics’ Global Brow Artist

The Big Reveal?

If you haven’t guessed it yet, Benefit Cosmetics is launching their NEW brow collection this June! The collection will consist of new products and their current products that will be in a brand new packaging – we’ve mentioned several of them above. The brow collection will be available at Benefit Cosmetics counters in Sephora and their standalone stores and counters from 23 June 2016 onwards.

If 23 June 2016 is too far away for you…

Benefit Cosmetics will be having a *FLASH SALE for you to SHOP and have early access to their NEW brow collection come June 10th for 48 hours ONLY!

*Flash sale is available only at Sephora ION, Sephora NEX & Westgate Boutique.