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Acne is something almost everyone has to face in their lives. When you hit puberty, your hormones go crazy and that’s when you’ll get acne. When you’re a little older, you get acne because you’re stressed with school or work. It’s like we can never win with acne. But lo and behold, we’re here to give you the 11 commandments of fighting acne. Perhaps with this we may never fully ‘win’ but we sure can prevent it!

1. Thou shalt not pick on the blemish(es)/pimple(s)/zit(s)

pimple cream

Picking the acne will only end up leaving a scar on the skin that may last for 1-2 months. Although it is very tempting to touch the problem areas, it will do more harm than good. Instead, let them be and use your usual acne fighting products to help calm the problem areas down.

2. Thou shalt cleanse/remove ALL traces of makeup on skin before washing with a facial cleanser


What? Double cleansing? Well, yes. The first step is to remove the dirt on the surface of the skin after spending the whole day outside or at work. You will be surprised by the dirt that builds up on your skin even if you’re a person who doesn’t wear makeup. Removal of all the impurities is important because failure to do so may cause clogged pores and that’s how you get acne.

If you don’t use makeup, you can try using Bioderma. It’s like water, but it removes all the impurities on the surface of your skin. All you have to do is take a cotton pad, pour a little bit of Bioderma and give your face a wipe down.

Fighting Acne_Bioderma

3. Thou shalt give skin a no makeup day once or twice a week

Give your skin a break! Let it breathe. Piling on makeup day in and day out can also cause clogged pores – especially when you don’t cleanse properly, or if you don’t regularly exfoliate.

4. Thou shalt make an effort to exfoliate or deep cleanse skin

Exfoliating or deep cleansing should be done regularly; at least once a week. Depending on your skin type, you can exfoliate or deep cleanse more than once a week. The key here is to clean out the clogged pores. So make sure you don’t end up over exfoliating! We’ve done an article on All You Need To Know About Exfoliation. If you want to know what products you can use to exfoliate or deep cleanse the skin, head over there!

5. Thou shalt drink eight glasses (the more, the better) of water every day

Drinking lots of water = Making more trips to the bathroom.
Although it may seem like a chore, but that means you’re releasing all the dirty stuff that’s not good for your body and skin. So drink away!

 Fighting Acne_Fruit Infused Water 2

If you’re not a fan of plain water, you can try spicing it up by adding lemon, strawberry or raspberry slices with mint or basil leaves. Not only will that make your water taste nicer (so that you will be motivated to drink it), lemon, mint and basil leaves infused in water also helps to detox the body.

6. Thou shalt use an acne treatment that works for thy skin, and not because everyone else is using it

We all are tempted to try out new products that beauty enthusiasts rave about. But remember that everyone’s skin is different. What may work for them, might not work the same for you. Find an acne treatment that suits your skin type and that treats your acne.

7. Thou shalt not skip moisturiser


Moisturiser is very crucial in a skincare routine. No matter how oily you think your skin is, it still needs to be moisturised. Usually what happens when you don’t moisturise is that your skin will end up producing more oil to create the moisture that it needs. And that will lead to your skin becoming more oily than it actually needs, causing acne.

8. Thou shalt deep clean makeup application tools at least once every two weeks, and spot clean once a week

cleaning-brushIt is crucial that you clean your makeup brushes and sponges! Imagine the bacteria build up over the week, or over the course of the period you have not washed your makeup tools. Then imagine yourself putting all that bacteria on your face. Ewwww. If you’re unsure how to go about washing your brushes and makeup tools, we’ve done an article on it- Clean Your Makeup Brushes and Sponges!

9. Thou shalt wash/sanitise hands before touching the face (i. e. Putting on makeup, applying moisturiser or any skincare product)

You have no idea where your hands have been prior to touching your face. There’s always going to be bacteria on your fingertips and if you don’t make sure they’re clean, you’re going to be transferring the bacteria onto your face! If you’re too lazy to go to the bathroom to wash your hands, keep a hand sanitiser on your vanity. That way, you’ll have clean hands and you don’t have to make a trip to the sink or bathroom.

10. Thou shalt seek professional help if everything else is not working

Head to a dermatologist if you feel that your acne is not getting better or if it has gotten out of hand. Sometimes, you just need a special treatment- like prescribed medication, for example, to treat your acne.

11. Thou shalt keep handphone clean


Studies have shown that our handphone are up to 10x more dirty than a toilet bowl seat. Even if you don’t talk on the phone that often, your fingers, pockets or pouch are actively transferring bacteria to it for storage.

It’s like a time bomb just waiting for the right time for your phone to touch your face or for your fingers to transfer it your face.

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