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We love to jet-set but there are a few things that annoy us about travelling. The first is the wait between checking in and boarding, and a close second is feeling tired and looking haggard when we get to the destination. We are glad that these can be mitigated with the latest additional offering at the Changi Airport.

Shilla Duty Free

In conjunction with their first anniversary, The Shilla Duty Free unveiled the first of its kind duplex beauty loft located at the mezzanine floor of their main Terminal 3 store. We had an exciting preview of the loft and would love to suggest to you these three things you can now do at T3’s The Shilla Duty Free the next time you’re waiting for your flight!


1 . Shop


Of course! The prices of products are up to 40% cheaper in the transit than they are in downtown malls. Furthermore, with so many popular brands (over 180 of them!) all in one store, offering products in special bundles you can’t always find beyond the airport, there’s bound to be something that you want to strike off your wish list, or your “Things I Need to Replenish” list. So, shop away!

2 . Get a facial


Air travel dehydrates and dulls our complexion and the best way to nullify these effects is to go for a pampering facial treatment. The SK-II Pitera Lounge is located at the Shilla Beauty Loft at the mezzanine floor and it provides facial services using their well-known Pitera line that can help refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

The best part? You can choose how long you want your facial to be; they range between 15 mins to an hour. This means that you can still enjoy a refreshing facial even if you have a short layover time. The SK-II lounge in the transit area really looks like a spa. It’ll be easy to forget that you have a plane to catch, so plan your time wisely!

You can also get your facial done at La Prairie’s Skincare Bar where you’ll have a couple of facials to choose from that would address your skin concerns. The facials by La Prairie would take between five to 20 minutes, which means you probably can complete them without having to rush for your flight.

Remember to make an appointment to secure your slot. For SK-II’s Pitera Beauty Lounge, call (+65) 9352-3687 or email [email protected] For For La Prairie’s Skincare Bar, email [email protected]

3 . Get an express makeover

Shilla Duty Free_Dior

It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, looking on point whenever you go should be an important objective, and thankfully, there’s an easy solution now at the airport. Head over to the Dior Beauty House to have your makeup done by a professional – all within 10 minutes. This means good news for time-starved jet-setters who can’t afford to get yourself primped at home. With the express makeover, you can board your flight and head straight to wherever you’re supposed to go, looking amazing.