We put a lot of effort into making sure that our makeup looks just right before heading out for a night. The payoff from those hours spent in front of the mirror is evident as you turn heads while walking by. With all the serious work that we put into looking good comes the inevitable smudges in the make-up we have just applied. Touching up these smudges can be frustrating if you don’t know these easy tips for making sure that you look great even if you slip up here or there during application.

Fixing Those Blusher Mistakes

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Foundation is one of the basic steps to making sure that your skin looks flawless before heading out of the house. However sometimes you end up with a situation where you have over-applied your blusher or bronzer and need to tone it down a little bit.

Fix it: The easiest way to touch up this little mishap is to keep a clean non-latex sponge handy. Use it to dab off any excess and to easily manage the amount and distribution of foundation or bronzer that you have applied.

Going Overboard On Eye Shadow

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Applying eyeshadow to accentuate the shape and colour of the eyes can sometimes be tricky – it’s all about the art of blending! If you are doing a little bit of experimenting in order to find just the right shade, you may end up deciding that that colour or placement doesn’t work as well as you hoped it would.

Fix it: While the common solution is to use liquid eye remover applied to a cotton swab to rectify the situation quickly, the problem with this is that you usually take away more than you want. Alternatively, use a moisturiser on eye cream on a cotton swab instead, this will only take away the mistake – and even hydrate the area!

Mascara Mishaps

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Mascara, the makeup we have a love-hate relationship with. It can really bring out the length in your lashes and create a beautiful effect around your eyes. However when it becomes smudged it can be a real pain to remove.

Fix it: Most people jump to action immediately when their mascara smudges, but this only causes it to smear even further. Instead, let it dry before using a cotton swab to gently buff it away. This will cause it to flake off instead of smearing and will save you time getting ready.

Perfecting Your Lipstick

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Lipstick is another one of those smudges that can be a real pain to deal with. Most people just try to rub away smudges of lipstick which causes them to smear and spread.

Fix it: An easy way to deal with this little problem is to apply liquid make-up remover to a cotton swab and hold it on the smudge for a few seconds before wiping. Another great way is to pick up some lip balm or Vaseline with a cotton swab to dab off the smudged area.