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body care

It’s not enough just caring for our facial skin; your body skin needs attention too! Just like a good skincare routine, your body care regime should be customised according to your body skin’s needs – and it may not always be the same as your facial skin’s. Here are five most commonly faced issues and the products that may help you with them:

1. Water retention

Puffiness in your body can be alleviated with drinking sufficient water. Massaging helps too. Couple your nightly massage with a body cream – it doesn’t just make the massage easier because of the reduction in friction, the skincare goodness can also improve the condition.
biotherm water retention cream
Try: Biotherm Celluli Laser™ Intensive Night. This cream contains anti-water retention botanical ingredients that you can apply just before you sleep. It helps to tone and hydrate, so you can wake up to skin that feels smoother and softer. Its hydrating gel-cream texture and refreshing scent further allow you to sleep better.

2. Cellulite

Unsightly dimples known as cellulite can remain even when you’ve lost weight. While there’s no scientifically-proven way to get rid of cellulite yet, a product that slows down fat cells from expanding can help decelerate its appearance.

clarins cellulite cream

Try: Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control. It uses plant ingredients like aquatic mint and celosia extracts that prevent cellulite from forming and also tighten skin so it looks and feels firmer. Apply it by massaging in an upward motion to boost micro-circulation.

3. Loose skin

Just like our facial skin, our body skin starts sagging when we age too. If sagging is a problem and is making your body look larger than it is, try a product that can help improve your skin’s elasticity. Yes, your body needs anti-ageing aid too.

loccitane almond milk concentrate

Try: L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate. This silky cream nourishes skin with almond milk and oil, and helps improve skin’s elasticity by stimulating cell renewal. You’ll find your skin appear smoother, tighter, and firmer with regular use.

4. Fatigue

It’s not always about how skin looks, it’s also about how skin feels. If your body feels tired and you can’t work up any energy to do anything after work, perhaps a relaxing body treat can help.

crabtree evelyn tarocco orange

Try: Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Skin Silkening Body Soufflé. This luxurious cream contains antioxidant and vitamin C that helps condition and freshen skin. Thanks to the invigorating scent, it also helps soothe your nerves and make you feel relaxed. Use this with the shower gel and scrub in the same range for the ultimate treat.

5. Dehydrated skin

If your skin looks scaly and dry, moisturise. Dehydrated skin makes your skin looks more mature than it actually is, and also makes it look dull and lifeless.

bath and body works body cmrea

Try: Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Ultra Shea Body Cream. Enriched with rich Shea Butter, this promises up to 24 hours of moisture to quench the thirst of the driest skin. Its non-greasy formula also has a heavenly oriental scent – it has three notes just like a perfume: Citrus in the top notes, floral in the middle, and dries down to comforting accords like vanilla rice and creamy sandalwood.