The largest organ of our body, our skin is exposed to all kinds of aggressors every day: UV rays, pollution, and… our own actions. These five are so innocent, you’d not think twice about doing them. But it’s time to stop:

1. Rubbing your skin with towel

Face cleansing Mistakes_7-towel-rubbing

Rubbing your skin with a towel may feel good, but it’s not good for your skin. This chafing action can remove your skin’s moisture and cause dry skin to feel more irritated. Instead of rubbing, gently pat or dab your skin after washing or showering to retain moisture and keep from provoking your skin.

2. Drinking from a straw

drink from straw

One of the points that are often brought up about why smoking can cause signs of ageing from appearing is that the act of pursing the lips when you smoke cause wrinkles to appear around the lips. What we don’t usually talk about is that this same action is also done when we sip from a straw. Wherever possible, opt to drink direct from the glass instead.

3. Making faces

Even Jennifer Aniston is guilty.

Even Jennifer Aniston is guilty.

Some of us have bad habits of raising our eyebrows, tugging at our eyes horizontally, or pinching our own cheeks. The strain can loosen the elastin in our skin, causing skin to sag, or wrinkles to appear around the area that you tug at. Touching your facial skin frequently with your hands can also cause inflammation that leads to pimples.

4. Frowning

hair problem


This is the action that cause those dreadful lines to appear between your brows. We’re not saying that you cannot frown to express your displeasure, but pay attention to this action because you may be frowning when you don’t need to. Some people frown when they’re trying to concentrate, or just as a habit regardless of what they’re doing or feeling.

5. Rubbing your eyes

rub eyes

The skin around our eyes is delicate. This is why we always recommend you to use your fourth finger – the weakest finger – to apply eye creams, so it will exert less pressure on your eye contours. Rubbing your eyes can weaken the elastin around the eyes, causing lines to appear, and sagging to set in.

Which of these habits are you most guilty of?