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Indulging in a good facial should definitely be in your bridal beauty to-do list. But there are things you should take note of so that you’re getting maximum mileage from the facial session: Here are the dos and don’ts:

bridal facial

1. DO start on a great skincare regime

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Simply going for facial sessions aren’t good enough. To make sure your skin is well-prepped for the pampering, a good skincare regime that you’re already doing regularly helps boost the facial you’re getting. Exfoliating your skin at least once a week, remembering to at least use a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen every day will lay a great foundation for your skin.

2. DO intensify the sessions closer to your big day

Healthy skin ensures that makeup glide on perfectly and you look like you’re glowing in photos. As your wedding day draws closer, give your skin extra attention by having more regular facial sessions.

3. DO pamper yourself with facial at home

We may not all have the time and money to go for regular facials. DIY masks are a good way to give your skin a booster. Sheet masks are convenient, or if you like, make your own concoction – cucumber slices on the eyes can help reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles, while honey with a few drops of lemon helps with brightening up the skin.

4. DON’T go for an aggressive treatment the week of your wedding

Avoid treatments like chemical peels and laser in the same week of your wedding. Tell your facial therapist that you don’t want extraction too. These procedures aren’t bad, but can cause redness and swelling that may not heal before your wedding. If you’ve been disciplined with your skincare regime, gentle facials should be good enough for maintenance in the last week leading to your big day.

5. DON’T schedule a session a day before your wedding

You’re likely to have last-minute errands to run and even if you don’t, you should take the day off to relax. Since it’s going to be your big day in less than 24 hours, you don’t want to feel overly-stressed, which can trigger breakouts. Instead, stay at home and if you wish, pamper yourself with a sheet mask that you’ve been using and are confident won’t give you any allergic reaction.