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No thanks to humid weather in Singapore, we are perpetually battling frizzy bed heads, and bad hair days are more frequent than good ones.

But there’s nothing technology and the right hair care techniques can’t do to create sleek, straight hair. Follow through these five simple steps and you’re on your way to pin-straight tresses.

Step 1: Get your basics right

Care for your hair should start from your shampoo. Do you share the same bottle as the rest of your family because it’s the most convenient thing to do? Just as your brother hates carrots but you love them, our hair and scalps are all different, so it’s not advisable to share your hair care products.

If frizzy, unruly hair is your enemy, go for an anti-frizz shampoo.

Try: L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverSleek Shampoo


The EverSleek range is formulated without sulfates nor parabens – chemicals that are often found in foaming products but can damage your skin and hair in the long-run. This particular range is designed for those who want to manage unruly hair. While there isn’t much foam, the product covers hair easily. Once I wash it off, I noticed my hair feel a lot smoother than before.

Step 2: The important second step

It’s strange how people assume they can skip steps in the basic regime. Just like how the toner is often overlooked, the conditioner is sometimes omitted because it is thought to be unnecessary. Now, let’s remember this: the conditioner is essential to your hair regime. While a shampoo cleanses hair, a conditioner delivers hydration and care. Pick a conditioner that helps to tame frizz if you’re hoping for straight hair.

Try: John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Ahead Conditioner

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Ahead Conditioner

Specifically designed for those with frizz-prone hair, this conditioner tames, streamlines and calms frizz. When I use this conditioner, I love how my hair feels nourished and smooth after I towel-dry it. This conditioner is developed with a straight-defining complex, hydrating conditioners and frizz-fighting silicone, and that’s why it can help fix unruly hair. It’s gentle enough for everyday use, though, despite the powerful-sounding formula.

Step 3: Blow-dry your hair


Turn your hair-dryer to low heat and blow-dry your hair from your roots. Section your hair off, clip the top layers up and start from the innermost layers. Gently run through your hair with your fingers as you blow-dry but avoid tugging up and down.

Step 4: Protect your hair

Hair oils are a good way to protect your hair and instantly smooth it out. Well-formulated hair oils penetrate your hair fibre more easily so don’t worry about it greasing up your tresses. How to use it? Simply dispense the oil onto your palm, rub your hands together to heat it up slightly, then apply evenly throughout your hair, sections by sections. Focus on the ends of your hair and avoid your roots and scalp. Run through the strands of your hair with your fingers in a downward motion.

Try: Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine


This silicone-free hair oil is made 99% with natural ingredients, including olive, jojoba, coconut and sunflower seed oils. The newest product by Redken, it helps to strengthen hair, boost shine and also protect hair from damage due to friction from brushing and styling. I love how lightweight it is and how fast it gets absorbed by the hair, making my hair feel stronger yet smoother.

Step 5: Comb through your hair


Finally, comb through your hair with a wide toothed comb. This will help to untangle any kinks in your hair, but the combing is likely to be a breeze because of the previous steps of care you’ve taken. Enjoy good hair day!