The way you style your fringe can make you look either ten times younger or older than you really are. Don’t blindly follow the hottest trends and cut your fringe to fit in; you should know by now that not all of us have the same body, or face shape! Here are fringe styles that can suit your face shape so read on to see which ones you can rock.

Side-swept fringe for square faces

5 Fringes For 5 Face Shapes Natalie Portman

Source: StyleNoted

If your jaw is almost as wide as your cheekbones, you have a square face shape. This angular shape can be countered by a long fringe swept to the side, softening the angles that define your face.

Your celebrity muse: Natalie Portman successfully pulls off this hairstyle to achieve a more rounded and proportionate face shape.

Angled blunt bangs for round faces

5 Fringes For 5 Face Shapes Zooey

Source: Taringa!

This is similar to the square face shape, except that your jaw is soft and rounded, instead of angular. Many people think that round faces can’t pull off blunt bangs without looking chubby but in fact, you can still rock them. Don’t cut straight-across bangs as the harsh line will emphasise your face’s roundness, instead, rock cut angled bangs that are slightly longer at the sides.

Your celebrity muse: Zooey Deschanel is always seen with her bangs and she looks great all the time!

Side-swept bangs for heart-shaped faces

A heart-shaped face is wider at the forehead and tapers down to a narrow and slightly pointy jaw. The side-swept bangs will highlight your cheekbones and draw attention away from the wideness of your forehead.

Your celebrity muse: Katie Holmes is the perfect example of this face shape and she has received much compliments since she started sporting this hair.

Straight-across bangs for long faces

5 Fringes For 5 Face Shapes Kim Kardashian

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A long face is easily recognisable by the large difference in length and width of the face. Most often than not, dramatic straight-across bangs will easily balance out the disparity with a bang (pun intended!).

Your celebrity muse: Kim Kardashian successfully pulls this hairstyle off to achieve a more proportionate look that is youthful and stylish at the same time.

Versatile styles for oval faces

5 Fringes For 5 Face Shapes Rihanna

Source: Cosmopolitan

The oval face shape is the most versatile one and can match almost any fringe style. You should focus mostly on the thickness of your hair and match your fringe with it. Notably, ladies with thin hair should avoid cutting straight and blunt bangs, but go for wispy side-swept fringes.

Your celebrity muse: Rihanna utilises her voluminous hair for a strong side-swept fringe that goes well with her punk image.