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We know that makeup can perk up our complexion and make sleepy eyes look more awake. But wrong application can age us. If you are guilty of any of these five makeup mistakes, repent!

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1. Too much foundation


While foundation is important in concealing blemishes and imperfections, as well as give the impression of flawless complexion, don’t overdo it. Too much foundation can look cakey on your skin, and the humid weather in Singapore doesn’t help its cause. Fresh, dewy complexion makes you look more invigorated and younger, so go easy on your base makeup.

DV Tip: Always start with little foundation, and slowly build up coverage.

2. Poorly-blended bronzer


Bronzers can help with contouring our features, but the key to pulling this trick off is in the blending. Make sure that you pick a bronzer colour that’s just a shade darker than your skin tone, to create the effect of a shadow, and spend time to make sure it goes on as a gradient. Bronzer that’s too dark and/or applied on too harshly can make your makeup look dated.

DV Tip: Consider getting the same foundation in a darker shade as your “bronzer” to ensure that it’s compatible.

3. Using powder to set makeup

sharing makeup 2

You probably have learnt that applying a finishing powder at the end of your makeup regime can help makeup to stay longer. Well, this is not wrong. But using too much powder can emphasise lines, especially if you have dehydrated or dry skin.

DV Tip: Skip the powder and use a setting spray instead.

4. Smudged eye makeup

smudged eye makeup

With our kind of weather, eye makeup is more prone to smudging. What happen is that you’re going to end up with a pool of black mascara and eyeliner at your undereye area, creating the illusion of dark eye circles or fatigued eyes.

DV Tip: To reduce the chance of smudges, use a primer. Also, consider shimmer eyeshadow, which doesn’t look so bad even if there’s fall out. The colour also makes your eyes look younger.

5. Not applying a lip colour

laneige xmas lips

If you commit the mistake of heading out with perfectly-done makeup sans lipstick, it’s time to rethink that. With your fully-done makeup, not applying a lip colour makes your lips look pale, and in effect, age you. A vibrant lip colour, on the other hand, makes you look more energetic.

DV Tip: If you’re intimidated by bold lip colour, opt for sheer lipsticks instead.

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