As a being of routine, you are frustrated with going through the same activities everyday. Even makeup, that’s supposed to be fun, expressive and creative, isn’t all that fun anymore – simply because you’ve been wearing the same makeup since… you can’t even remember when you don’t wear it the same way!

This, dear friend, is known as a “makeup rut”. You’re bored by your regime, you don’t feel inspired, and you just feel like you need a change – yet you don’t know how to get started.

Knowing that you’re in a bit of a trouble is the first step to recovery. And here are the solutions:

Solution #1: Try face charts

Before working on real models before a huge event, most makeup artists plan what they’re going to do with face charts. These are blank templates you can print out (google them!) and play with. Spend some time with them like you would at art classes in school, and use the products that you have to apply it onto the faces in the charts.

After playing with them, pick out the looks that you like and emulate them the next time you do your makeup!

Solution #2: Copy looks you like

Did you see a look on Daily Vanity’s Trends & Styles section that you love? Prop up a mirror on your right and the iPad with that picture on your left – then, copy it! Even if you can’t perfect what the makeup artists have done, improvise in the best way possible. Although you may not be able to get the exact look, you’ll feel inspired enough to try out new colours and novel ways of winging your eyeliner.

Solution #3: Interact with experts

Speak to beauty advisors, watch YouTube videos, ask questions on beauty sites and get tips and advice from the people who work with makeup everyday. Their views may change your perspective, inspiring new ideas on how to do your makeup the next time.

Solution #4: Hold a makeup party

Friends 1

Do you have friends who are in the same situation as you are? Gather them around and spend a weekend doing makeup for one another. It’s a great girly bonding session and at the same time, you may like the look that your girlfriend has done for you and be able to copy it the next time.

Solution #5: Go makeup shopping

Makeup Rut 5

Sometimes all you need is a brand new lipstick or eyeliner to get you excited about makeup all over again. Just remember to give yourself many nudges if you want to buy yet another pink lipstick, if you already have 10 lying around in your makeup stash. Pick a shade that you don’t have in your collection. If you really don’t know what to get, go for a lip or eyeshadow palette. The easiest things to change up in your makeup is probably your lip or eyeshadow colours, and a palette gives you sufficient variety to play around with it – remember your excitement as a kid when your mum bought you a 72-shade colour pencil set?