There’s nothing more annoying than suffering from flaking lips while in the office, no matter how much you drink water, and often you apply your lip balm. Aren’t you tired of hearing the concerned office cleaner advising you to drink more water when you already finish one litre of water before lunch break? If lip balm is no longer enough to help, these five other tips may be what you need.

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1. Forget about matte lipsticks

hydrated sheer lipstick

Matte lipstick stains less easily on your mug but it can also be more drying on your lips. If you find your dry lips problem quite chronic, avoid matte lipstick when you’re in an air-conditioned environment. Go for hydrated lipsticks that have a more dewy finish – these tend to leave the skin feeling more comfortable and less likely to flake.

2. Put a mini humidifier on your office table

Mini USB humidifiers are the in thing now! They help to keep your lips (and skin) moisturised by humidifying your surrounding air. Consider investing in one of these, your colleagues sitting next to you will thank you too.

3. Stop licking and picking your lips


Licking your lips gives the illusion of moisturising them, but in actual fact dries them out even more. Saliva irritates our lips and also removes any natural oils on them (and if you had any lip balm on you would have licked it all up). And as the saliva evaporates, it usually also takes away some of the moisture within your lips too. Resist all temptation to lick your lips or pick up the lip flakes. Just put a layer of lip balm over it.

4. Breathe through your nose

urban decay sheer revolution lipstick review

This may sound a bit ridiculous, but it’s an important tip! Sometimes when we run up the stairs to get to the next meeting, or rushing from one desk to another to coordinate with a few colleagues, we may find ourselves a little out of breath, and that’s when we have the tendency to breathe through our mouths. (Stress can sometimes induce breathing through the mouth too.) The air that brushes across your lips when you breathe through your mouth will take away moisture from your lips. Remember to always breathe through your nose instead; they are there for a purpose, and they filter out impurities from the air we breathe in too.

5. Always: Lip balm before lipstick

This is so that the lip balm can prevent moisture loss from our lips as much as possible. While this may seem obvious, it is actually a common mistake, perhaps out of our anxiousness to put that lipstick on. In fact, makeup YouTuber Michelle Phan puts on lip balm even before she dives into putting makeup on her face, as this will give sufficient time for the lip balm to set in before applying lipstick. Read more about it here!

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