Love it or hate it – travelling has become a common part of our life, whether it is for work or for leisure. While we may be excited about the shopping and sight-seeing that await us at the other side of the world, jet-setting can take a toll on our skin, because taking the plane often means exposure to more UV rays and dehydrated air. Moreover, our skin will have to adapt to a new climate when we arrive at our destination. The trick for travellers, therefore, is to remember that your skin’s needs change when you’re in a new environment, so make sure you’re catering for them.

Keep your face fresh

On the day of your trip, skip wearing foundation. Instead, apply moisturiser on your face – pick a tinted one if you wish to even out your skin tone. This will keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Bring along a facial mist too. Spray it all over your face whenever it feels dry, but remember to dab off with a piece of tissue. If you leave the mist to evaporate on its own, it will strip your face of its natural moisture too.

Take care of your lips

On the day you fly, skip using heavy colour and long-lasting lipsticks. These are usually drying on your lips and can cause them to peel, especially in the dehydrated environment in the plane. Keep your kisser hydrated and fresh instead by using a medicated balm.

Perk up your eyes

After a long fly, you may experience puffy, red and watery eyes because of lack sleep, watching in-flight movies, reading magazines, and so on. To avoid unattractive eyes, bring along an eyedrop. It will lubricate your eyes and soothe redness.

Mind your travel destination

The destination where you are going to travel is the first and foremost consideration to determine your skin care routine. You know, you are going to travel to a place where you never maintain the same skincare routine as you do it at home. Your travel destination can be at the beach, in the mountains or in the desert. You will experience different environmental conditions in these places. For Hilly or Cold climates- If your travel includes a ski trip in the mountains, you have to make a skin protection from the intensity of cold and UV exposure. Apply a moisturiser as well as broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 50 to get safe from cracked, dry and ski-induced red skin. For Beach or Warm climates- A beach getaway means you will be in the water for sure. You know, sea water contains salt that can be drying to the skin. Bring a gentle, milky skin cleanser to wash your skin after playing in the water. Never forget to reapply sunscreen to ensure you get sufficient sun protection.