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We all know this scenario: you have had a long day, but you received a last-minute call to go to a party or decide to go out for a drink with your friends.

Makeup Day To Night

You social butterfly! We’re sure one of the first concerns you may have is your makeup. There is absolutely no time to remove your current makeup and re-do the whole process. Luckily, there are a couple of tips to transit your makeup from day to night and go from understated to va-va-voom.

Tip #1: Damage Control

First things first, you have to thoroughly analyze your current makeup situation and locate all imperfections that could stop you from looking your best. Check your face for oil buildups, paying special attention to your T-zone, and use blotting paper to fix the situation. Make sure your face does not look shiny, because that will not look good under artificial lightning. If you have a facial mist at your work desk (everyone should!), spritz it all over your face, wait a few seconds, then dab off with a piece of tissue paper. You’ll feel mush fresher and any touch-ups that come after that will not look blotchy.

Tip #2: Highlight Your Eyes

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and you have to make sure they look amazing. Forget bright colours, instead use darker tones to add drama and mystery to your night look. Layer on a darker eyeshadow shade to add depth to your eyes and extend your eyeliner to form a sexy wing. Add a light glitter shade to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten up the look. Resist the temptation to apply another layer of mascara on top of what you’ve applied in the day because it will probably clump.

Tip #3: Make Your Skin Come Alive

It is time to be glamorous! Lose the neutral blush tones and add some colours to your cheeks. Pick your favourite blush and make your skin look fabulous. Add a little shimmering powder to your cheeks and neck and sparkle like a real star. You’d be sure you’ll arrive as the belle of the ball.

Tip #4: Get kissable lips

No look can be complete without gorgeous, luscious lips. Intensify your lip colour from your day look and add shimmering gloss just at the centre of your lips for juicier-looking lips.

Tip #4: The final touch

Finally, check your hair to see if it looks impeccable. If it’s oily, use your face blotters to blot through the streaky strands. If your office has a bath area that comes with a hair-dryer – good for you! Simply blow through your hair from the bottom layers, upwards, to get more voluminous locks. Otherwise, a cheat trick would be to use the hand-dryer – just don’t let anyone catch you using it!