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The problem of post-holiday weight gain is real… and no one needs the additional pressure of losing weight while battling post-holiday blues.

Since they said prevention is better than cure, here are some tips for you to take note of before you head off for your holiday!

walk when you travel

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1. Ask for smaller servings, or bin it!

Take a look at the other patrons of the stall; are they having the same dish as you? What do the portions look like – are they huge or just right? Ask the stall owner for half portions if possible, or bin the rest if you can’t finish it (or if none of your travel buddies are willing to help out). It might seem like a waste, but remember, the drawbacks of overeating are definitely not worth it!

2. Eat like an Okinawan

Okinawans (locals living on the Japanese islands of Ryukyu) are well known for having the highest concentration of centurions in the world. Scientists have studied them for ages, trying to uncover the secret of their longevity, and have discovered that it boils down to two very simple rules regarding their dietary habits:

1. Stop eating when you’re 80% full (“Hara Hachi Bu”); this will help prevent you from overeating, and suffering from that uneasy bloat afterwards.

2. Choose healthy greens over meat any time because vegetables are filled with tons of fibre and nutrients, and tend to be lower in calorie than meat or carbohydrates.

3. Leave the snacks for back home

In every country you visit, there are bound to be food on your must-try list that are packaged or preserved. For example, in Seoul, everyone raves about the Honey Butter Chips; in Bangkok, Tom Yum cup noodles are almost a mandatory supper meal. Leave these snacks for back home, and save your calorie quota for food that cannot be brought back. This way, you’ll be able to space out your must-tries for a longer period of time.

4. Drink a lot (of water)

Apart from helping you hit your daily H2O requirement, water also keeps you full, and suppresses your desire to eat excessively. Drinking sufficient water also reduces the chance of water retention. Plus point: water has zero calories, so drinking water adds nothing to your calorie count for the day!

5. Choose to walk if you have the choice

We’re not going to ask you to spend an hour at the gym on holiday. Instead, try getting regular exercises by planning your itinerary such that you can walk from one destination to the other. If your plans for the day are all in town, most places of attraction are usually pretty near each other.

If they’re not, better still! One of the best ways to travel is to have one or two places to visit a day, and let yourself wander at random stops while you take the city’s public transport. You’ll find yourself discovering plenty of things for your eyes to feast on.

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