Have you ever stared into the mirror and feel tired just looking at same ol’ you. You toy with the idea of getting a crazy new hairdo. How about going for a tanned look? Or even aesthetics enhancement?

But of course you couldn’t bring yourself to any of these because you don’t know how it’ll turn out and also of the huge price tag some of them are attached with.

You don’t need a huge budget or commitment to change up your look for the new year. If trying something new appearance-wise is a resolution for 2014, try the following suggestions:

Try a new lip colour

Lipstick 5 1

You’ll be surprised how much of a difference abandoning your usual lip colour for a totally different one can make to the way you look. If you’ve always have a penchant for pink or nude colours, go all out and start using a vampy red or purple lipstick. On the other hand, if siren red lippie is your signature, why not start wearing nude shades and amp up your eye makeup instead?

Change your hair parting

Attractive Asian Woman With Black Long Hair

Attractive Asian Woman With Black Long Hair

Our faces are not symmetrical and so when our fringe part differently, a slightly different look is revealed. Play around with your fringe – try a centre-parting, a different side parting, the same parting but from a different part of your forehead. You’ll be surprised how different you’ll look.

Get a different brow shape

Skin Fasting Benefits

Your brows frame your features and they affect your appearance greatly. Try a different brow shape this year – maybe more arch, or maybe softer and straighter. The good thing about changing your brow shape is that, if you’ve gone for a semi-permanent solution and you decide that you don’t like it, you can always wait for it to grow out and then change its shape again. If not, you can use a brow pencil to alter it according to what you like the next time.

Watch this video on how to draw different brow shapes.

Enhance your face shape

Skin Fasting Harms1

Skin Fasting Harms1

Want a face with a more flattering contour? Give your facial skin more pampering and learn how to do facial massages and give yourself one every day. The action will help lift your facial contours and give you the pretty V-shaped face that you’ve always wanted.

Go for a new manicure

Manicure 6 1

We often get into a rut and simply choose for what we’re familiar with when it comes to manicure. You know the drill – it’s always pink, but maybe different shades of pink. The furthest we’ve ventured is just a touch of glitter. Tell your manicurist to choose HER favourite colour instead. Or simply spin the (nail) wheel and pick a random colour. You’ll never know how it will look on you – it may become your new favourite colour, or if you don’t like it in the end, simply cleanse it off and start all over again!