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In many makeup tutorials, the white eyeliner is introduced to highlight your waterline to make your eyes “pop”. But other than that, there is no other obvious reason to spend twenty dollars or so on white eyeliner… or is there?

The white eyeliner is really an unsung hero in most people’s makeup bag. Elevate its status to what it truly deserves: a multi-tasker that can do just about anything you need a makeup product to do.

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1. It doubles as an eye shadow primer

Please raise your hand if you think eye primers are ridiculously expensive these days. They always come in such small tubes, but cost almost the same as a foundation primer. Our alternative? We found that the slightly creamy texture of a pencil liner helps eye shadow powders latch on more easily to your skin and brings out the eye shadow colours more vibrantly!

2. It’s a versatile base color for your eye shadow

We often head towards a nude or silver base before we start working on our eye shadows. Why not use your white eyeliner? Colour your lids with a pencil liner, and use a blending brush to ease out the edges. Save your palette space for other funkier colours!

3. It’s the perfect multi-purpose highlighter

In our other article that explores clown contouring, we suggested a concealer two to three shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight your nose, temples, brow bones and cheekbones (see photo above). If you’re interested to try the look and not spend an extra thirty dollars or so on a new tube of concealer, your white eyeliner is a great substitute. Line the respective areas and blend, blend, blend away!

4. It helps you get rid of redness around the eyes

Especially for ladies with a lighter skin tone, fatigue becomes more obvious if you don’t conceal the redness around your eyes. Instead of piling up the concealer, line the inner corners of your eyes with white eyeliner and blend it slightly. The white will help to cover the redness and brighten your eyes at the same time.

5. It helps to conceal your pimples better

Ever had that pimple so red that your regular concealer just can’t cover up? Use white eyeliner over the pimple and blend it slightly before using your regular concealer over it. Plus point: if you are using powder concealer, the creamy texture of a pencil liner would help it last longer on your face, reducing reapplication.

DV Tip

Opt for a matte eyeliner if you're using it for concealing or as a base; you don't want to bring attention to a spot with shimmer found in eyeliners with glitter! But if you intend it for highlighting, a little shimmer won't hurt.


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