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Disney princesses are our childhood heroines, and besides learning about love, hope, and joy, I also learnt about beauty – both in the metaphorical and physical sense. Here are the beauty lessons I’ve learnt from them:

1. Say yes to fruits

snow white

Ever wondered why Snow White is blessed with “skin as white as snow”? Well, you could probably accredit it to her mother’s wishes, but I highly suspect it’s because of her love for fruits. Otherwise, why would she be unable to resist the apple that the wicked queen gave? Fruits are a great source of vitamins, and they aren’t just good for consumption, you should also make them into facial masks: cucumbers, lemons, apples and tomatoes are some of the fruits that you can consider.

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2. Get enough sleep


There’s a reason why we call it “beauty sleep”: Your skin repairs itself while you sleep. Take a leaf out of Aurora’s book, and get sufficient sleep every day (at least seven hours!) and you’ll start to see your skin’s problems going away.

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3. Don’t party too hard


If your parties involve lots of drinking and being exposed to cigarette smoke, it’s time to cut them down. Alcohol consumption doesn’t just dehydrate you, it can also harm your liver in the long run. Besides it being a health issue, toxin accumulation in your liver can also cause your skin to look sallow. As for cigarette smoke, even if you’re just a passive smoker, it can hurt your skin. Cigarette smoke is one of the key causes for ageing because of the presence of free radicals. Learn from Cinderella, and leave the party earlier.

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4. Never stop learning


Belle loves to read, and like her, we should always keep ourselves updated with the latest technology, trends and product launches, if taking care of our appearance is a priority.

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5. Engage in physical activities


Getting active helps with micro-circulation and the adrenalin rush will give you glowing skin. Even if you’re not verse at martial arts like Mulan, taking the stairs instead of the lift, or walking your dog are also good physical activities you can start with, before you adopt a regular fitness regime.

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6. Take care of your hair


We spend a lot of time taking care of our facial skin – what about our hair? Don’t forget to pamper our tresses with the right products and also comb it regularly to distribute the natural oils from your scalp to every part of your hair and to unkink the tangles – Rapunzel knows best!

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