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The next time a guy tells you that he prefers women without makeup, refer him to this article. We know it’s probably more politically correct to remind you that everyone is beautiful (and yes, we do agree that beauty goes beyond just the superficial), however, we’re not going to go all hypocritical and tell you that we don’t need a little help with magic, that is makeup.

Here are 7 things makeup magic can do to you!

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Alter your eye shape and size

small to big eyes makeup

With the help of makeup, this lady almost looked like she went under the knife to get more beautiful eyes. To get peepers like these, she made use of iris-enhancing contact lenses, double eyelid tapes, tight-lining technique, top and bottom lashes, light coloured eyeshadow.

Tip: Dark shadows make features hide while bright colours make them pop. So, to make eyes look bigger, instead piling on eyeliner, go for tight-lining instead. Go easy with the eyelashes too. Natural-looking ones can actually give a better effect than super thick ones.

Look more glamorous

look more glamorous with makeup

By filling in her brows, contouring, red lipstick and smoky eyes, this lady looks red carpet ready. Glamour is definitely found at the tip of your makeup brush.

Tip: To get an A-lister glow, use highlighter on the high points of your face: The forehead, nose bridge, cheek areas just under the eyes and chin.

Appear younger

look younger with makeup

You don’t need botox to look more youthful in a minute. Makeup does wonders too! Just see how this lady look like she’s turned back time with the help of makeup.

Tip: We previously given you 8 tips on using makeup to look younger. Go read them all!

Get flawless-looking skin

get flawless looking skin with makeup

This young lady was brave enough to share her makeup tips on YouTube. Suffering from a case of allergy, she suffered from red and sore blemishes. With the help of base makeup, she managed to give herself confidence to step out of her house every day.

Tip: When concealing troubled skin, use a light hand. Using a brush to swipe affected area too much will irritate it, worsening the condition.

Achieve a slimmer jawline

get slimmer jawline with makeup

We’re not all blessed with V-shaped faces, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fake it till we make it. It’s not that tough either with some contouring help. This girl shows how she uses bronzer and highlighter to shape the face that she wants.

Tip: The most crucial point to contouring is your blending technique. Expect to take some time to perfect a seamless blend between the highlighter, bronzer and foundation. Your effort will definitely pay off.

Look like a celebrity

mila kunis without makeup

Guess what – we’re not the only one who need makeup, celebrities too! Mila Kunis look tired when she’s off duty, but look at her when her makeup artist is around! Va-va-voom!

Tip: Great makeup has to go with fabulous hair for the entire look to come together.

Change your gender


Well, I’m sure most of us don’t really need to do this on a daily basis, but hey, we’re so impressed by the makeup skills of this man. Look how different he looks!

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