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You invest in good skincare products because you understand that it is important to start taking care of your skin as early as possible. However, despite the investment and diligence, you find that your regime isn’t working. Why so?

Before you start blaming it on the products or throw your hands up exasperatedly thinking you can’t change genetics – it’s not that. We’ve got news you probably don’t want to hear: you may be the one who’s sabotaging your own beauty regime.

It’s time to repent. Here are seven most common offences:

1. You aren’t storing your products properly

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Your skincare product is a perishable, just like your food. What do you think will happen to your food if you leave them out in the sunlight or somewhere that’s damp? They will spoil faster, of course. Similarly, keep your skincare products at a place that’s dry and not under direct sunlight. This ensures that the active ingredients will remain potent for longer.

2. You don’t adhere to the “basics”


The harsh truth is that if you don’t have these products in your regime, you don’t exactly have a “regime”: cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen. These form the foundation of any regime and your expensive serum will not be working its magic if you’re using it alone – it has to be accompanied by these basic products.

3. You’re not applying the products in the right order

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You won’t wear your panties after your trousers, will you? In a similar way, there’s a “right” way to applying your skincare products. Most of us already know that the cleanser comes first, and then we tone, and finally moisturise and apply sunscreen. But many people get confused when products like serums and essences come into the picture. A simple way to figure out the order is to look at the thickness of the formula. Those with thinner consistencies go first, and those with thicker consistencies go last.

4. You use too little or too much product

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Some of us try to extend the longevity of our products by applying very little of the formula each time. On the other hand, we’ve also heard of those who believe that they have to apply as much as possible to get the most out of the products.

Both are bad.

The former means that you’re not getting the benefits of the product – which ironically cause you to waste your money because they aren’t doing what they should be doing to your skin.

On the other hand, there is a limit to how much our skin can absorb. Applying too much of the product also means wastage. And worse, it may clog up your skin, or makes it feel very uncomfortable.

Read the instructions on the product’s label to find out how much you should be applying. Otherwise, most of the time, an amount that looks like a 20-cent coin should be just right.

5. You’re not applying your product with the right techniques

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Unlike applying butter to the toast, you can’t just apply skincare products “as you like it”. It isn’t just about getting the products onto the skin. Firming products, for instance, has to be applied in an upward motion, starting from the bottom of your face. Your eye cream is to be applied using the ring finger, in a gentle dotting motion. Most oils need to be warmed up by your palms (by rubbing it between the palms) and then patting it (instead of rubbing it) onto your skin.

Applying them in the wrong way may cause more harm to your skin than good. For instance, if you apply your firming products in a downward motion, it may cause your skin to sag faster than you can say “anti-ageing”. Read the labels or check with the beauty advisors on the right techniques to apply the products. Otherwise, drop Daily Vanity a note so we can find out for you.

6. You aren’t faithful enough

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Fidelity doesn’t just apply to relationships but also your skincare products! Most products require consistent usage over a period of time before you’ll see them working. If you’re using a product only when you remember to, or when you feel like it, or expect it to work within a few days, you’re not giving the product and your skin a fair chance. Switching products within just a few weeks or even two months, whenever you think the product doesn’t work means that you’ve never allowed enough time for the products to work properly on your skin.

Before you switch products, ask yourself if you’ve used it in the correct order, with the right technique, and over at least three months.

7. You are not using products from the same brand


Some of us think that the reason why beauty brands tell us it’s preferable that our entire beauty regime is made up of products from the same collection of the same brand, is because they want to make more money out of us. Guess what – there are some truth in what they say. Products from the same collection of the same brand are formulated to be used with one another. The chemists have considered whether the active ingredients are going to work well together and also optimised the vehicle (e.g. lotion, cream, serum) of the products, so they’re going to complement one another.

There are active ingredients that can cause reactions, if you mix them. For instance, retinol and benzoyl peroxide make a bad combination, in case you don’t know.