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Admit it, sometimes we don’t really pay much attention to the health of our nails. Yes, we dress them up at our manicurist’s, but we do nothing beyond this. Do you know that frequent manicure can take a toll on our nails? Start taking are of them by introducing foods that make them stronger and healthier. We owe it to them!

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1. Spinach



You see, Popeye the Sailor Man really had a thing going when it came to his spinach. Not only is it believed to make you physically stronger, it helps make your nails look less dull. The cause of dull nails is the lack of Vitamin B and folate in your system. Spinach is high in folate, so eat them up for healthier nails!

2. Flax Seeds or Flax Seed Oil



It can get super frustrating when your nails just decide to split apart- even when you rarely use gel or even regular nail polish. Try these: add flax seeds into your cereal, or flax seed oil in your smoothies. Flax seed is a form of fatty acid that your body needs to ensure your nails grow stronger.

3. Eggs

food for healthy nails_eggs


Protein is the building blocks for healthier nails in general. Eggs are definitely the cheapest protein-rich foods available, and which you can include in your diet in different ways.

4. Lean Meat

food for healthy nails_lean meat


Just like eggs, lean meat is high in protein.

5. Bananas



Bananas are high in biotin or vitamin H: nutrition that can help strengthen your nails.

6. Salmon

food for healthy nails_salmon


To prevent weak nails, eat salmon. (Hello, sashimi!) Salmon contains keratin that is part of hard and strong nails.

7. Dairy products- Milk, cheese etc

food for healthy nails_dairy products


You know when you get those little white marks on your nails? This means that there isn’t enough zinc in your system! To replenish it, dairy products such as milk and cheese would do the trick! (Source)

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