Amidst all the gift buying and wrapping, there’s always time for us to sport some Christmas themed nails. If you’re one who’s not exactly experimental with makeup for the upcoming Christmas parties, having cute Christmas-themed nails would be the perfect thing for you! Here are seven Christmas themed nails (we’ve included two videos that show you how you can achieve some of these nail art designs!)

1. Christmas Tree

Christmas Nails_christmas tree


There are so many variations of having a Christmas tree on your nails. The one in the picture above is done using glitter nail polish and it’s more of an outline of a Christmas tree. The colours used in this design is very festive (Well, anything glittery is festive. So there’s a tip for you!)

2. Snowflake Nails

Christmas Nails_snowflakes

Unfortunately, Singapore doesn’t get snow to amp up the holiday spirit. But have some snowflake designs on your nails this holiday season. You don’t have to use a red base for this. Try using an icy blue nail polish instead and you’d get yourself Frozen-themed nails!

3. Candy Cane

Christmas Nails_candy cane


It’s as simple as red and white stripes on your nails!

4. Reindeer Nails

Christmas Nails_Reindeer


This is such a cute nail art design! It would look better if you have the reindeer painted on an accent nail, instead of all your nails. Not only will that be less time-consuming, it’ll also not look “overdone”.

5. Santa Claus Nails

Christmas Nails_santa


Now isn’t this adorable? You have Santa on your nails! Again, just like the reindeer design, it’ll be better if you have the Santa as an accent nail with the other nails being simple.

YouTuber Sandie, or better known as Cutepolish is known for her simple, and easy to follow nail art tutorials. The last two ideas have multiple designs within the video and she even shares how to do some of the designs mentioned above and some variations of it.

6. Christmas Nail Art by Cutepolish

This video teaches you 10 nail art designs that you can follow to achieve the nail look of your choice!

7. Christmas Nail Art by Cutepolish – No Tools Needed (Other than your nail polishes, a toothpick and patience)

For those of you who don’t have a dotting tool, striper or any other fancy nail art tools, this video is for you.

Happy holidays and good luck trying out these Christmas-themed nail art designs!


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