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When it comes to selfies, know that you can’t – and probably never will – beat Ellen DeGeneres. Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong to want to look good in front of a camera. It doesn’t look like the selfie trend is going to disappear anytime soon, so here at Daily Vanity, we’ve compiled seven sneaky tricks to guide you in taking the ultimate selfie. Get ready for the likes, dear friend.

1. Make Your Eyes Pop


Our eyes are our best assets – it’d be silly to not leverage on them. If you want to achieve a doe-eyed look, get yourself a smudge-resistent eyeliner. If you have eyelashes fluttering like feathers, use a curler. Also, don’t be shy to experiment on eyeshadow makeup – they make a difference. Here’s a trick to make your eyes glow.

2. Highlight Cheekbones

highlight cheekbones

Our camera is a formidable enemy. No thanks to the complex lens, it can make our features look flatter than they actually are. One possible way to tackle this is to create the perfect high cheekbone look.

3. The Importance of Angles

This video went viral a while back, and why is that? Easy, because it teaches us an important lesson: angle is everything. Take pictures of yourself from different angles to figure out which is your best side.

4. Use a Concealer


Just because you have a pimple starting to show, doesn’t mean you can’t take a selfie. If you’re self-conscious about it, there’s always the option of using a concealer. One great concealer we love is the Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up, because of how hydrating it is.

5. Pluck Eyebrows

korean straight brows

Good eyebrows can change how you look – Cara Delevingne is a walking testament. Don’t know where to start or what style to go for? You might want to consider adopting a straight brow style, as it’s known to make one look younger.

6. Smear Light Diffusing Foundation All Over Face

Foundation Brush

Our cameras tend to capture us in our most vulnerable moment. To avoid sporting a face that would stop a clock, try using a light-diffusing foundation instead. It lets your natural beauty do the talking.

7. Use Natural Sunlight

sunscreen for women

Natural sunlight is actually pretty awesome. If you want to take your selfie to the next level, consider Michelle Phan’s advice: use a piece of white paper and hold it underneath the chin. According to the beauty vlogger, it “creates a natural bounce of light, illuminates the face, and also reduces the double-chin effect.”