spring summer 2015 nails

This year, Spring/Summer nail trends vary from minimalistic, to variations of classic nail looks, and even funky geometrics. Here are seven nail trends for Spring/Summer that we think you should try!

1. Nude Nails


You can never go wrong with nude nail polish. Something about it just screams classy and sophisticated, without ever being too over the top.


Achieve the look with these nail polishes:

1. The nude nail polish that has been the talk of many beauty bloggers and vloggers as of late is the Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc. nail polish set- particularly the shade in Bamboo White.

It’s not too brown, nor is it too pink. It has a tinge of grey and cream in it and it’s just the perfect nude nail colour. Head to Sephora to get your hands on this set. It retails at SGD39.

2. If you’re on a budget, and you think that it’s too ‘white’ of a nude for your liking, you can try OPI’s Dulce de Leche (2)- which leans more towards the dusty rose kind of nude.

3. Inglot’s O2M nail polish in 677 (3) is also a great nude that has much more of a brown-grey tone to it.

2. Negative Space Nail Art

In layman terms, negative space nail art basically means creating a design that involves leaving some space on the nail, like this-

Spring:Summer Nails_negative space


You can get creative with the shapes and design, and not to mention the colours as well. Since Spring and Summer is supposedly a bright season, why not go for bright colours like mint, coral, and a bright blue colour!

Achieve the look with these nail polishes:


1- Essie, In the Cabana
2- Essie, Mint Candy Apple
3- Essie, Cantaloupe

To create the designs, you can use a dotting tool and some tape (to make the crisp lines if you need to). If you don’t have a dotting tool, you can use the rounded tip of a bobby pin.

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3. French Manicures with a Twist

Spring:Summer Nails_ Coloured French

Of course, one can never go wrong with a french manicure. But if you want a slight change from the regular french mani, why not go for a coloured one! The model in the image above has a metallic purple colour with white french tips. You can use other colours as a base as well. If you’re intending to do a white french tip, we recommend to use darker colours as a base. Here are some options!

Achieve the look with these nail polishes:

SpringSummer Nails_French manicure Twist

1- Tom Ford, Indigo Night
2- Ciate, Speed Dial
3- OPI, Cement the Deal

4. Geometric Nails

nail art_thin tape

We featured this in our 17 Nail Step-By-Step Nail Tutorials You Can Do At Home! Head over to that article to find out how to achieve the straight and crisp lines for this nail trend.

The colours in this nail art design is very appropriate for Spring/Summer! The pop of black just adds that tiny bit of edge. Here are some nail polishes you can consider getting to achieve this look!

Achieve the look with these nail polishes:


1- China Glaze, Orange Knockout
2- Revlon, Beginner’s Luck
3- Essence Colour & Go, Black is Back
4- Essence Colour & Go, Love is in the Air

5. Striped Nails

Creating striped nails is more time-consuming because you need to let each layer dry first. However, if you have the patience then you’ll end up with this gorgeous nail look!

Spring:Summer Nails_stripes


Achieve the look with these nail polishes:


1- Essie, Fiji
2- OPI, Pamplona Purple
3- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish, Lacey Lilac

6. Matte Nails

Matte nails are also on trend, as seen on the runway. You can get creative with this because there are many nail polish companies that make matte top coats. Using them, you can transform any nail polish to a matte one!



Achieve the look with this nail polish:

Spring:Summer Nails_Matte top coat


7. Colourful Nails

Splotches of colour on a white base – it’s that simple! Invest in colourful nail polishes and you’re all set to nail this (no pun intended).

Spring:Summer Nails_Colourful nails


Achieve the look with these nail polishes:


Start with a white (Revlon, Beginner’s Luck) base. Once that’s dry, get creative and use any colour nail polish you like!