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how to apply highlighter
While a great foundation can even out our complexion and make it look flawless, it can sometimes also make our features look flat and lifeless. Highlighters reflect light, so complementing an impeccable base with some highlighting helps make your features look sharper. For more defined features, these are seven areas you can apply the highlighter on:

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1. How to apply highlighter on forehead

how to apply highlighter on forehead

Apply highlighter across your forehead, particularly at the area between your brows, to bring dimension to your face.

2. How to apply highlighter on brow bones

how to apply highlighter on brow bones

See that brow arch? A little highlighter under that area brightens up your eyes and make them look more lively. Take note, however, that your brows should be well-groomed, or the highlighting may emphasise on its poor shape.

3. How to apply highlighter at inner corners of eyes

how to apply highlighter on corner of eyes

Wake up your eyes by applying just a touch of highlighter at the inner corners of your eyes. This will help make your eyes look brighter and less fatigue.

4. How to apply highlighter on cheekbones

how to apply highlighter on cheekbone

Apply a generous amount of highlighter at the highest points of your cheeks, starting from the inner part of your face, in an upward motion. This gives the illusion of higher cheekbones and a healthier-looking glow.

5. How to apply highlighter along nose bridge

how to apply highlighter on nose

If you want the illusion of a higher nose, swipe some highlighter along your nose bridge. Sweep from the top of your nose to the tip of your nose. It gives the effect of more prominent features.

6. How to apply highlighter on cupid’s bow

how to apply highlighter on cupid's bow

The cupid’s bow refers to the arch above your upper lips. Applying a little highlighter on that area makes your lips look fuller and more kissable.

7. How to apply highlighter on chin

how to apply highlighter on chin

Using a brush, apply some highlighter on your chin to give a more three-dimensional effect to your features.

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