I’m not sure who was the first fashionista who wanted a walk-in wardrobe for her house, where it’s a fashion paradise that displays all her collection of shoes, bags, accessories and dresses.

I’m not one to horde shoes, but I do have a huge collection of eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks, and if I get my way (and space), I’d love to have a walk-in beauty wardrobe. I’ve not seen anyone have something similar, so here’s sharing with you some ideas I’ve had, if I ever own a place with sufficient space for me to build one:

1. Rotating display for skincare

skincare display


The most important skincare products that I use daily should be accessible on a rotating stand, preferably somewhere in the middle of the walk-in wardrobe.

2. Shelves on wall to stash other products

skincare display renovation idea


Body lotion, facial mask, hair masque, shower gel and other products that I don’t use daily can be displayed on shelves built onto walls.

3. Rack for displaying lipsticks



A rack that displays lipsticks (maybe blushers and foundations) is a must.

4. Display rack for nail polishes

nail polish rack


So is a display rack for nail polishes. See more ideas for nail polish storage.

5. Display area for perfumes

Perfumes deserves their own space. If the collection is small, consider a holder like this:

perfume display


Otherwise, shelves can be built to display them.



6. Don’t forget a vanity desk

vanity table mirror


This is where you sit down to do your skincare regime, makeup and hair. See more ideas for the vanity table.

7. Other ideas: Mirrors on wall



Consider dressing up the room with mirrors.

8. Reminder: Storage needed

vanity table


Remember to build sufficient storage to keep your collection organised. compartmentalised drawers are a great idea. See more ideas for storing your beauty products.