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They say that time heals everything, but it definitely doesn’t do much wonders for your skin. Those fine lines at the edges of your eyes and the laughing lines will definitely bear testament to that. While we can’t turn back time, we can definitely eliminate signs of ageing with these eight makeup tips!

1. Pick liquid over powder

foundation and powder

Ditch your compact powders and go for smooth and lightweight liquid foundation. Powder tends to settle into the lines and emphasise them, instead of concealing them. For even better results, choose liquid foundation with moisturising properties. This will combat the lines while covering them up at the same time. Use your fingers to blend, as the warmth will allow the foundation to melt into your skin seamlessly, avoiding a chalky look that could potentially make you look older.

2. Brighten up

brighter skin

Our skin tend to look duller as we become older, no thanks to the effects of glycation as we age. So, in addition to moisturising properties, pick foundations with brightening benefits. Some foundations have luminescent particles that can brighten up dull skin effectively, giving your face that coveted all-over youthful glow.

3. Conceal those circles


Picture from: Makeup.me.uk

The trick to putting on makeup on aged skin is to go easy on the consistency. Use a lightweight concealer to cover up the dark circles under your eyes. Also, pick the right colour for your concealer. Yellow tones are the right way to go when concealing dark circles.

4. Focus on the eyes


Picture from: one-parade.com

We have been told many times that the eyes are the windows to our soul, but that doesn’t mean that they should reveal your age too. To avoid listless and dull eyes, use a brightening white pencil to highlight the tear ducts and the lower lashline. This will help you get that alert and youthful look.

5. Liner power

winged eyeliner

To combat dropping eyelids, use eyeliner to recreate a lifted look to emulate younger-looking eyes. Lift the edges by winging the black eyeliner upwards and outwards. Choose a gel eyeliner over a liquid one, as gel eyeliners are easier to control.

6. Tweeze with care


Picture from: Sheknows.com

Avoid tweezing your eyebrows too often as it will make your eyebrows even thinner. Sure, you can fill them in with an eyebrow pencil but it is definitely better to avoid worsening the problem of thinning brows. Tweeze only the obvious errant hairs and avoid reshaping your eyebrows by yourself as you might over-pluck. Consult a professional if you must.

7. Define your lips

lip liner

Picture from: Greenbeautyteam.com

As some age lines begin to appear, other lines on your face begin to recede or become less well defined. The outline of your lips is one of them. By using a lipliner in a darker shade than your lipstick, you can help your lipstick stay put while giving you a defined pout at the same time.

8. Plump your cheeks


As women age, we will start to lose the volume from our cheeks. Apply blusher and highlighter on the highest points of your cheekbones. This will make the entire bone structure of your face stand out and give you a more defined look.

Granted, ageing might not seem to do wonders for your appearance. However, it is an experience that all women (and men) go through, so the right thing to do is to embrace it instead of going to all lengths to avoid the signs of ageing. A youthful personality will definitely outshine any blemishes that you seek to conceal. After all, your skin might age but your spirit won’t, unless you allow it!