Beauty blenders have become a hit with makeup gurus since it was created by makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, high profile makeup artist of 20 years. This egg-shaped makeup applicator is known for creating an edgeless and flawless makeup application, almost a must-have for many women. But… are you using your beauty blender right? This amazing product may be gaining popularity quickly, but since it’s so new, we won’t be surprised if you’ve been using it wrong. We offer the top 9 mistakes when using this wonderful product and what you should have done instead.

1. You don’t wet your beauty blender before use

wet beauty blender


This is one of the greatest mistake ever! You have to wet your blender before application! Using the blender without moisture results in patchy and heavy application, making your makeup look unnatural. Also, a moist blender will “save” makeup since the liquid already in the blender prevents it from absorbing all the product you’re using.

2. You rub the beauty blender on your face

beauty blender use


You’re supposed to use a method called stippling, instead of rubbing the blender on your face. Stippling, according to Silva, involves bouncing the blender along the skin, pressing it slightly on the surface. This has a dual purpose – it blends and deposits make up at the same time, creating a more natural look.

3. You’ve been using it since 2014

beauty blenders


You’re using it for way too long! A blender needs to be replaced every three months, even if you wash it everyday. Using it for too long not only results in wear and tear and hence less than satisfactory application – it is also very unhygienic.

4. You clean it only once a week

how to wash beauty blender

You should clean your beauty blender daily, or as frequently as possible. Poor cleaning habits can result causing inflammation in your skin.

5. You throw your beauty blender into the washing machine

That’s not the way to clean a beauty blender! You have to do it manually. Use a gentle squeezing motion to clear out the skincare/makeup in the blender, then, pour the cleanser directly on soiled spots and clean it using a pinching motion. Also, do not soak your beauty blender in a tub of water.

cleaning BB


6. You “suffocate” your beauty blender

BB with packaging


Beauty blenders need to “breathe” because they are moist. If you keep them enclosed without oxygen and light, they might become mouldy. We suggest letting it rest in the box it came with to dry after washing.

7. You don’t use your beauty blender as an eraser

beauty blender to correct errors


Because indeed, not exploiting your beauty blender to its fullest potential is a mistake too! If you made a mistake when putting on makeup, don’t remove everything! Simply use a dry beauty blender to clear it up by dragging it along the “faults”.

8. You don’t use your beauty blender for skincare

Beauty blenders are great tools for skincare too! It provides a more even coverage than using our fingers.

9. You discard your beauty blender after 3 months

BB featured


They are not totally useless after three months, so don’t throw them away! For instance, they can be used to create ombre nail art designs.