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Acne is one of the pesky things in our lives that sometimes just refuse to go away, no matter how much we try to treat it. To make matters worse, sometimes it appears in the same area over and over, as if marking a territory of some sort. We usually brush it off as hormonal or the unfortunate consequences of having bad skin. But did you know that such acne could actually be a reflection of our body’s health?


Our organs work in tandem in order for our body to function right and if one of the organ is unwell, it will affect the others as well. For the Chinese, they believe that skin ailments, such as recurring acne, can be a way of our body is telling us that something is wrong from within. This is known as face mapping. It allows us to make links between our acne positions and the health of the respective organs which they reflect. By making some adjustments that affect said organs, we not only treat the root problem of our acne, but also, our general health.

Here are five areas we should be looking out for:

1. Forehead

  • Linked to: Our digestive system, bladder and liver.
  • What acne here could mean: We aren’t drinking enough water (The magic number is 8 glasses.), are consuming too much sinful food and alcohol, aren’t getting enough beauty sleep or are simply too stressed out.
  • Or it could be: Our bangs. They get oiler throughout the day, the sebum can clog our pores. Our bangs can also be a bacteria breeding area that inflame our forehead.
  • Try: Infusing your water with lemon, drinking lots of green tea to help eliminate toxins, doing some bedtime yoga or braiding away your bangs.

2. Nose

  • Linked to: Our heart.
  • What acne here could mean: Our blood pressure is too high and this is largely due to an unhealthy diet and/ or a stressful lifestyle. Poor blood circulation, indigestion and early signs of rosacea could also be contributing factors.
  • Or it could be: We have an oily T-zone.
  • Try: Start filling your plate with foods that are rich in Omegas 3 and 6 (Fish, avocados and nuts!), reduce your salt intake or apply some tea tree oil on affected area before you sleep to help manage sebum .

3. Cheeks

  • Linked to: Our respiratory system.
  • What acne here could mean: The air that we are breathing in isn’t clean either because of pollution or cigarette smoke, or we are having some allergies. Consuming too much sugar could also be another reason.
  • Or it could be: We are resting our cheeks on our mobiles or sleeping on our side.
  • Try: We can’t quite change the air we breathe, so make sure to wash your face twice daily to get rid of dirt and grime. Get leafy on your diet, strengthen your lungs with breathing exercises and of course, cut back on the sugar. Remember to clean your mobiles periodically and change your pillow covers (Or drape a clean towel over the top!).

4. Chin and jaw line

  • Linked to: Our digestive system, our stomach and small intestines, in particular, and hormonal balance.
  • What acne here could mean: Again, our diet could be too rich and greasy (You are what you eat!). Or it could be the time of the month when we experience hormonal imbalance. Such acne usually go away when our period ends.
  • Or it could be: We are resting our chin on our hands or because of the remnants from our food.
  • Try: Just like before, make sure your diet is full of fibre and well-balanced, and indulge less in sinful food. When it’s near period time, load up on Omega 3, vegetables, nuts, seeds, avocados and egg yolks to balance up those hormones. And use a wet wipe to thoroughly clean the entire mouth area after every meal.

5. Neck and chest

  • Linked to: Our hormonal balance.
  • What acne here could mean: Stress, stress and more stress! For our neck, it could be because our body is trying to battle some kind of infection.
  • Or it could be: Our clothes are too tight. Bacteria that causes acne thrives in moist environments.
  • Try: Have your “me” time to reflect and recuperate from life, take deep breaths and exercise regularly to reduce stress. Also, opt for more comfortable-fitting clothes so that your skin can breathe, especially when exercising.


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