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29 February only comes once every four years. This year being a leap year, we earn 24 extra hours – rejoice! Make the best of it by pampering yourself all day long and put these useful tips into your schedule. (Although, really, you should and can do these every day.)

all day beauty tips

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7.30am: Exfoliate your skin

Want to help your skin absorb the goodness of your skincare better and for it to look more radiant? Exfoliate. Your body repairs itself and metabolises as you sleep, and dead skin cells, grime and sebum would be sitting at the top layer of your skin when you wake up. Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate your skin to reveal fresher, more radiant skin underneath.

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Peeling Wash

Try: Etude House Moistfull Collagen Peeling Wash (SGD21.90). This gets rid of dead skin cells while moisturising your skin and nourishing it with collagen.

8.15am: Apply sun protection

Sunscreen is super important if you want to prevent premature signs of ageing and pigmentation from appearing. Apply sun protection 15 minutes before you are heading outdoors. This is the amount of time that’s needed to let the sunscreen set and take effect.


Try: Lancome UV Expert CC Cover (SGD75). Besides protecting your skin from UV rays and pollution, this skin brightening solution also defends your skin from blue light, which is emitted from your mobile phones and computer screens, said to be one of the causes of skin pigmentation. This sunscreen is tinted, and available in four shades, which means you can skip your foundation if you don’t need much coverage.

9am: Have your breakfast

While having breakfast doesn’t necessarily contribute directly to your weight loss goal, eating a nutritious but low-fat breakfast can prevent your from snacking on unhealthy food before lunch, and also make you more effective at work. Who wants to try to stifle a growling stomach at an important meeting?

2.30pm: Spray on some mist

At midday, your skin may be feeling parched, after sitting in an air-conditioned office for so many hours. Spray some mist on your skin to hydrate it, and at the same time, help to set your makeup so it looks fresher.


Try: Laneige Water Science Mist (SGD28). This helps keep your skin’s moisture level balanced. There are seven variants for different skin concerns, which means you can pick one that will nourish your skin according to your needs. This is available only at the Laneige flagship store at ION Orchard.

4pm: Get a healthy snack

Snacking aren’t always bad for you. In fact, having a low-fat snack can lift your metabolism, make your energy level higher, and prevent you from over-eating during dinner. A handful of mixed nuts or a banana are good options to go for.

6.30pm: Schedule a workout

Get off work on time. (It’s your “extra” day! You won’t want to spend it at work, would you?) Spend 30 minutes to an hour for a jog or yoga class. But before you launch into the exercise, remove all traces of makeup to allow your skin to breathe and to prevent clogging and inflammation.

caudalie makeup removing cleansing oil 1

Try: Caudalie Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil (SGD35). Cleansing oils are the most convenient to bring along for workout because it doesn’t require cotton pads to use, and can rid of your makeup in one simple step. This new cleansing oil from Caudalie contains natural oils including grape-seeds oil, sweet almond oil, sunflower seed oil, and castor oil, to effectively remove even waterproof makeup, and makeup on the eyes and lips, and helps to balance your skin.

9pm: Repair skin with anti-oxidant

While your sun protection shields your skin from UV rays and pollution, it may not be offering 100% coverage all day long. Repair the damage in your skin by investing in a product that has anti-oxidant properties to help fight free radicals accumulated from the day.

Night Revitalizer

Try: Night Revitalizer by South Bridge Aesthetics (SGD90). This new skincare product by aesthetics clinic, South Bridge Aesthetics, helps combat photo-ageing and pigmentation issues. Fortified with vitamin C, E and Resveratrol, all of which carry strong anti-oxidant properties, the Night Revitalizer helps skin repair itself from oxidative environmental stress and damage caused by UV rays.

11pm: Sleep well with an overnight mask

Get your beauty rest by turning in before midnight. But before you hit the sack, pamper your skin with a generous amount of overnight mask. This will help hydrate your skin deeply while you sleep and you’ll be sure to wake up to greet the new month of March with revitalised skin!

Try: Biotherm Aquasource Night Spa (SGD65). This luxurious mask helps to hydrate, smooth and soothe skin by delivering intense moisture replenishment through the night while you rest. The ultra-rich, leave-on mask envelops your skin and helps your skin look plumper and fresher when you wake up the next day.


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