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Nail polishes have more uses than just embellishing our nails, they can also help save our day in many ways. Take note of these seven hacks – you’ll never know when they’ll be handy!

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1. Stop stocking tears


This is probably a trick most people know. If your new tights or stocking begin to run, simply dab some clear nail polish at both ends of the run to keep damage to the lowest.

2. Thread a needle easily


We know how frustrating it can be, struggling with threading a needle. Next time, try this: dip the end of the thread into nail polish and allow it to dry. (Use clear polish or a colour that matches the thread!) The end will be hardened and you’ll find it much easier to thread it through the needle.

You can also paint it onto the ends of frayed shoelaces to keep them from unravelling.

3. Prevent luggage tag info from running


Apply a layer of clear polish over your contact details and address written on your luggage tag. This way, you won’t have to worry if poor handling or bad climate will make the information run.

4. Conceal car scratches


Slight scratches may not warrant a visit to the workshop, but it’s an eyesore. Touch up the area with nail polish that has a similar shade instead.

5. Organise your keys


Do you find yourself fumbling with the huge bundle of keys you have? Colour code them with nail polish, e.g. red for the gate, blue for the door, and green for the letterbox. You’ll save yourself a lot of time, trust us.

On the same note, you can use it to label and identify toothbrushes to prevent people in family from mixing up with one another’s.

6. Tarnish-proof costume jewellery


Costume jewellery are pretty – but not for long. They tarnish after a while and leave a green stain. Prevent them from tarnishing by painting them over with clear nail polish.

7. Make a fashion statement

splash on tshirt

Splash it where you like on a white T-shirt or a pair of jeans, or even draw on these apparel if you’re artistic enough, to give them a new look. This is definitely going to set your getup apart from others’.

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