As if it’s not tough enough figuring out why there’s a need for lash primer and lip liner when we first started using makeup, the order of applying them can be a little confusing as well.

Should you apply the eyeliner first or the mascara? Should concealer or foundation go first? When do you apply the lipstick? How about blusher?

We give you a rough guide and explain to you why it works:

Tip #1: First, prime your skin

Makeup Sequence Applying Primer

A primer helps makeup to last longer and even out your complexion so makeup can glide on more easily.

Tip #2: Foundation first, concealer next

Makeup Sequence Applying Foundation

Always use a foundation to create an even-coloured canvas first before your concealer. A concealer acts as a touch-up, to cover any other blemishes that can’t be covered by the foundation. Also, because of the consistency of most concealer, applying foundation over it often means you’re rubbing the concealer off, defeating the original purpose of concealer – to stay and conceal blemishes. Another reason why concealer should go next is because concealer is usually drier and you want to use as little of it as you can. Foundation helps to cover and lighten a lot of imperfections already, so concealer can be kept at minimal usage.

Tip #3: Powder first, before eye and lip makeup

Makeup Sequence Applying Powder

You may have seen people applying powder as their last step to seal the makeup. But in the midst of applying your eye and lip makeup, your foundation may start budging. So, powder first before you move on to the colours.

Tip #4: Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and then mascara


Eyeshadows are usually a little more translucent, and so it should go first. It’s tougher to apply eyeliner after you’re done with mascara since your lashes will be tougher, lifted and longer, thus, in the way.

Tip #5: Lip balm, lip liner, lipstick, and then lip gloss


This is probably common knowledge to most people – but just in case you’re unsure, this is the correct order. As for whether eye or lip makeup should go first – it doesn’t really matter. If you’re intending to go for a va-va-voom eye makeup, I’d suggest you do it first, so you can spend more time on it (how many times do we rush through the end of our makeup process because we realise we’re running late?) Also, it’s easier to visualise the right lips to go with an elaborate eye makeup after the latter is done, and vice versa.

Tip #6: Apply blusher last

Makeup Sequence Applying Blush

Your blusher gives you a healthy glow and often defines whether you look like a zombie or rocking an ethereal look. Thus, take a step back and look at what you’ve applied, then decide how much glow and what colour do you need to add to your complexion.