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Be it getting ombré, sombre, balayage hair or a major mane makeover, it might take some time for you to get used to your new reflection. But if you’re feeling anything short of fierce, fret not! Simply tweaking your makeup routine might just do the trick for your new lightened hairdo.

1. Consider lightening your brows

Especially if you’ve decide to go blonde or try out a new pastel colour, one important thing to consider is whether you should lighten your eyebrows. The alternative would be to channel your inner Cara Delevingne, and stick with with naturally dark and thick eyebrows that will now stand out even more against your lighter hair colour. One beauty personality who’s been doing so for ages is Eugenie Grey, and she’s gone through multiple colour changes.



However, if you’ve chosen to bleach or lighten your eyebrows, this will probably bring you closer to a soft angelic look. Remember that it doesn’t have to be the same shade as your lightened hair. In fact, it could be one to two shades darker. It’s also worth noting that if you bleach your brows, you’ll have to touch up the roots later on.

bleach eyebrows


Taking your skin tone into consideration as well, here is a brow colour guide to help you pick the right shade. Also try lightening products such as eyebrow mascara to get the shade of brown you need.


2. Warming up!

Depending on how drastic the hair colour change is, you might feel like you look washed out and your facial features don’t seem to pop as much as they used to. There are several ways to play around with this, and one of which is to try out a new foundation or BB cream colour that’s slightly warmer than what you’re used to wearing. Alternatively, you could swipe on some bronzer or try your hand at contouring to accentuate your features. Here’s a bronzing guide if you need some help.

3. Go rosy

Besides adding warmth, try applying peachy or rose blush colours to freshen up your overall look as well. Similar to choosing a foundation colour, remember to consider your skin tone when choosing a shade.



4. Finding a trusty eyeliner and mascara

In particular, your eyes might lose definition when you lighten your hair. So look for dark eyeliners and mascara to highlight those pretty peepers. Consider gel and liquid eyeliners over pencil eyeliners because they tend to look darker and are more long-lasting. Also, look for sweat-resistant formulas that will work well in our hot and humid weather.



5. Experimenting with new lipstick shades

This is the best time to shop for those bold and crazy lip colours that you didn’t think worked for you next time. With your new hair colour, there’s a chance that some of these colours are going to look better on you now than before. Go on and have fun with it! Psst, Urban Decay has just launched a collection of 100 lipsticks – have you seen them?

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