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30s are now the new 20s, and by that age, you already know what makeup styles work for you, and what do not. But before hitting the big 3-0, we believe some skills are essential for every woman to master. Here are eight indispensable skills that will carry you through with grace and confidence.

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1. How to conceal undereye circles



Concealing seems fairly straightforward. After all, isn’t it just about dotting some product below the eye and blending it out to achieve even skin tone? What if we told you that there is actually a trick to make your concealer work harder for you? That’s right, the most flattering way to put on concealer is to do an inverted triangle shape shown in the image above. This shape helps to highlight those areas, making your face look more youthful and fresh all while concealing dark circles. Think of it as an instant face lift!

2. The right colour correcting methods



In comparison to concealing, colour correcting might sound daunting, but they work wonders when done right. Colour correcting operates on the principle of certain colours neutralising colours opposite them on the colour wheel, in that a salmon-hued concealer will counteract the blue of most undereye circles, while a green-tinged one will cancel out the redness of blemishes or skin around the nose.

3. How to highlight the eyes



If you have no need to conceal undereye circles (lucky you!), placing highlighter or concealer that is lighter than your skin tone on the inner corner of your eyes can help you look more awake and less fatigued, plus with minimal effort to boot. This trick makes those peepers pop, and gives off the illusion of bigger and alert eyes.

4. How to conceal dark spots

As your skin ages, you might observe some pigmented spots sprinkled across your face. These dark patches are usually a melanin reaction brought about by overexposure to harmful sun rays, which is why experts repeatedly stress on the importance of sunscreen. Use a small, flat brush to pick up a small amount of concealer, tap it on the spots and lightly blend and smoothen out the edges with a soft motion.

5. Fill in perfect-looking brows

Brows help to frame your features, and it is crucial to get them right for a flattering and youthful look. Filled in (not overdrawn!) brows with gentle arches soften features and deflect attention away from any fine lines around the eye area. Aim to pencil in your brows with short, light strokes in a shade slightly lighter than your hair, instead of a harsh bold line. Also, one thing to note is that brows are sisters, not twins, so don’t fret over them too much if they don’t appear perfectly symmetrical.

6. How to use a lip liner



Quick question: How many of you are guilty of skipping lip liner when putting on lipstick? We know, lip liner seems like too much of a hassle in the morning, especially when your sole goal is to get out of the door, stat. But properly drawn lip liner layered under lipstick prevents the colour from bleeding or feathering out of your lip line, something that we all know is not attractive, plus it ruins the polished look you painstakingly put effort into in the morning. Start by drawing around the lip line in dashes as compared to one continuous line, followed by filling your lips in with the lipstick.

7. How draw a perfect line with the eyeliner

One of the easiest way to look put together is to draw on eyeliner, but not everyone has the patience to master a perfect cat eye. To fix eyes that are starting to show signs of droopiness, apply only eyeliner on your upper lids, and make the line thicker towards the outer corner of your eyes, and slightly curved upwards.

8. How to make the eyelash curler work for you

Eyelashes droop along with the eyelids too, and over time they may start to look wilted. Give them the treatment they deserve, by curling them at three sections – from the base to the middle and the tip, all while pressing and pulsing with the same amount of pressure to achieve a natural curl instead of a harsh ‘L’ shaped kink. Curled lashes opens up your eye, and you will appear more fresh and awake!

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