Cleanse, tone, then moisturise.
Use a finishing powder to set makeup.
Blot away excess sebum to keep your skin matte.

These are just some of the habits we have learnt and followed for a long, long time. They aren’t necessarily wrong, but we’re asking you to rethink some of these rules, and “break” them based on your needs, instead of following them blindly. Here are seven to reconsider:

1. You use concealer to hide blemishes

Change to: Use colour correctors to counteract imperfections

Concealer in a shade that’s close to your skin tone can help make blemishes less obvious. But if you want them to go totally incognito? Try colour correction.

Choose a green corrector to remove the look of redness (blemishes and broken blood vessels), lavender to eliminate sallow-looking skin, pink for a lifted effect, yellow for hiding purple-hued dark circles, and peach for deep discoloration. Based on colour theories, these correctors are able to neutralise shades you prefer not to see on your skin, and will give a more natural-looking result than regular concealers, especially if we are looking at a larger area.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid

Try: Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid (SGD40). In five shades, lavender, peach, yellow, pink, and green, it has a liquid-based formula to provide a smooth, weightless finish. Besides diffusing light with subtle pearlescent pigments to deliver an airbrushed look, this corrector also contains vitamin C and E to condition and protect skin. It is available at all Sephora stores and the Urban Decay stores at VivoCity and Bugis Junction.

2. You only use black mascara

Change to: Use brown mascara for natural-looking lashes

Most of us own black mascara and would never have thought of using any colour besides it. While black mascara makes your eyes look more defined, it isn’t the colour to go for if you really want a natural look. Choose brown instead!

Besides making it look like your lush lashes are au naturel, brown can also help to make your eyes look larger, compared to black. Black absorbs light (this is why black outfits make people look smaller), so if you coat your eyes with a rim of black, you’ll be making your eyes look smaller too.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash

Try: Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash (SGD42). This bestselling mascara now comes in a deep brown shade. Fans of the original Roller Lash would be happy to know that it still retains its great formula and innovative brush that makes your lashes look more curled and luscious. It is available at all Sephora stores, Benefit Cosmetics counters, and its Westgate boutique.

3. You won’t imagine mixing your own fragrance

Change to: Try creating your own signature scent

Since we aren’t fragrance connoisseurs, most of us would rather not mix our fragrances together in case they smell weird. The truth is, just like wine, there really isn’t a fixed formula to fragrances – it all boils down to personal taste and preference! Give your fragrances more mileage by experimenting with fragrance mixing. You may just be creating a scent that becomes your signature.

Oo La Lab Craft Lab

Try: Oo La Lab. If you prefer some guidance, consider visiting this craft fragrance lab from Singapore. Oo La Lab offers unique fragrance design and scent mixology services to help you find the perfect scent for yourself or for your home. Using fine raw ingredients sourced worldwide and stored in small batches, Oo La Lab has a perfume periodic table, where 24 primary Fragrance Profiles are broken down into natural state building blocks to help you create unique olfactory combinations. Oo LaLab is available at Commune Home at Millenia Walk, #02-52. Prices start from SGD48.

4. You use whitening products to get rid of pigmentation

Change to: Supplement them with oral products

Topical products usually help to brighten skin by sloughing off dead skin cells, controlling excessive melanin production, or shielding skin from further UV damage. Just like how you eat nutritious foods to keep your body healthy, as the largest organ of our body, our skin thrives with specific nutrients too. Oral whitening products can supplement your body with more skin-loving nutrients.

Ceramiracle First Light Ceramides Skin Supplement

Try: Ceramiracle First Light Ceramides Skin Supplement (SGD89). This product features two patented ingredients that are backed by four clinical studies that show results in improving skin hydration, texture, signs of ageing, and offering whitening effects. It promises to deliver visibly better complexion that’s more hydrated, supple, and bright with just one capsule a day. It is available at its e-shop.

5. You go for a hair spa to fix damaged hair

Change to: Use home care products regularly to maintain hair health

Hair spa treatments are definitely pampering and can help you receive immediate results. However, if you don’t already take care of your hair on a day-to-day basis and solely rely on these boosters to help your hair look better, you may not see sustainable results in the long run. Invest in a hair-nourishing product and use it on a regular basis, and you’ll find yourself needing less hair spa sessions.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment Serum-in-Oil, $17.90 for 50ml

Try: Dove Advanced Hair Series Regenerate Nourishment Serum-in-Oil (SGD17.90). Packed with nutrient-rich Red Algae, which nourish hair intensely, this non-greasy product absorbs quickly without leaving behind any residue. Combining the benefits of both a hair serum and a hair oil to restore hair’s healthy appearance, it helps make hair look shiny and soft, as well as become more manageable. The series also consists of a shampoo and conditioner and is available only at Watsons and Guardian stores.

6. You use a different set of products for day and night

Change to: It is okay to use the same products

Unless your products contain SPF, which you should then avoid using at night, otherwise, it is not necessarily to have different set of products for day and night. In fact, many products require that you use them two times a day to see the best results. Read the instructions on your products’ labels carefully and you may be seeing a neater vanity table.

ORBIS Advancing Essence Gel

Try: ORBIS Advancing Essence Gel (SGD52). One product that is recommended for use both in the day at night is this serum from ORBIS. Formulated with a unique ingredient that’s derived from the peppermint plant, the serum encourages skin turnover so as to restore skin cells that are damaged by stress. The oil-free product helps improve skin that looks sallow and fatigue and should be used before the moisturiser. It will be launched on 18 November and will be available at all ORBIS counters and stores.

7. You only use products that are “mild”

Change to: Don’t be afraid to use richer products

You may have avoided rich products because you’re worried they may cause irritation to skin, but there are merits to products that rich – they are nourishing, and may be more potent because of the higher concentration of active ingredients in them. Instead of shying away from them totally, consider taking a sample or doing a patch test at the store to see how they react to your skin.

Fresh Crème Ancienne Supreme Face Serum

Try: Fresh Crème Ancienne Supreme Face Serum (SGD370). An exquisite formula that consists of nine exotic root and botanical extracts (including San Chi root extract, Galanga leaf extract, and Ginseng root extract), this face serum is designed to fight several signs of ageing and even help skin guard against future damage. In order to preserve the purity of these rare botanicals, the serum is meticulously handmade in a monastery instead of leaving it to mass production. The formula may seem concentrated, but it has a silky texture that melts into skin quickly to nourish and nurture it. This product is available at Fresh boutiques, located at Raffles City and ION Orchard.

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