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Do people often comment you look ‘more mature’ than you actually are? Fret not, here are easy Do’s and Don’t’s in our beauty handbook to look naturally and beautifully youthful.

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Skincare is the foundation to youthful-looking skin. As much as makeup can do wonders, the best way to achieve radiant skin is to protect and provide the right nourishment to your skin.



  • Wear sunscreen
    This is the most important care you can give to your skin. Wear at least an SPF30 everyday to protect your skin against UV rays from the sun and even your computer monitor, all of which can damage your skin.
  • Mosturise daily
    Moisturise daily as dry and flaky skin can make you look older. If you feel your skin needs a little extra nourishment, use a serum before your moisturiser.
  • Develop a skincare routine
    Your skin will certainly thank you as you diligently care for your skin. Good news, it can be as easy as seven days of conscious effort and there you go, a habit is formed! Set an alarm reminder, stick plenty of post-its, do whatever it takes to remember!


  • Ignore your hands, neck and chest
    All the nourishing goodness and sunscreen to your face should apply to other parts of your body as well.
  • Rub and tug on your eyes
    We are all guilty of it. Rubbing your eyes not only causes premature ageing and wrinkles, it also increases the risk of having bacteria infection.  It’s time to cuff those eye-rubbing fingers!


Makeup is like a double-edged sword. When used correctly, it enhances beauty. It can work against us as well.



  • Use foundation that matches your skin color
    To test if a foundation shade is suitable for you, swatch it at your jaw line instead of on your hands. Take a 15-minute stroll and check back if it oxidises to a darker color. Your foundation should match your skin tone and not be a shade lighter or darker. (Unless you’re going for the ‘”Floating head” Foundation look.)
  • Apply blush correctly
    Applying your blush too low will visually pull your skin down and makes your face look jowly. Dabbing on too much blush at the apple of your cheeks makes you look unnatural. What we want to achieve is a blush that looks glowing from beneath your skin.
  • Define your eyebrows
    But not too thin! Thicker and well-defined brows can sharpen your look and make you look younger.


  • Apply a lip color that makes your lips look too thin
    Lipsticks which are too drying can sometimes make your lips look “shrivelled”. Always apply a lip balm before applying a bright-coloured or matte formula lip colour. If you have naturally thinner lips, try concealing the edges of your lips and draw beyond the canvas of your lips.
  • Use cream or liquid-based products over powder
    Using cream or liquid-based products after using powder can cause your face to appear “cakey”. If you are using a variety of makeup, make sure to put on all your liquid/cream products before finishing it off with your powder blush or loose powder.


We’ve always emphasised the importance of hair care as it can be the most beautiful “accessory” we own. See if you are making these hair mistakes that are ageing you!



  • Dye a hair color that suits your skin tone
    Many people colour their hair according to seasonal trends. However, a colour that does not suit your skin tone can wash you out and make you look dull and lethargic. Here’s a general guide on choosing the right shade for you. When in doubt, consult a trusted hair colorist!


  • Condition and moisturise daily
    Hair care is of utmost importance in keeping your hair’s youthful shine. Frizzy hair with split ends adds age to your face.


  • Ignore oily and flat hair
    If you wash your hair every day and still notice oily and flat hair, switch up your shampoo to one that suits your hair type and condition. Click here and we’ll reveal the secrets to perfect-looking hair.
  • Wear an overdue dye-job
    We know dyeing your hair regularly can be quite a pinch to the pockets. To extend the time between salon visits, opt for an ombre or balayage look that flows naturally even when the roots have grown out. You can also choose to tone your hair colour instead of a full-head dye.
  • Choose a dark, one-dimensional color
    Don’t choose a hair colour that is darker than your brows. A one-dimensional colour throughout will also make you look… yes you’ve guessed it… one-dimensional! A good colourist should be able to play with colour tones and create a multi-dimensional look.
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