Sometimes we have that big day to look forward to. Perhaps it’s an interview for a job we’ve always wanted. Or a first date with someone special. Or maybe it’s the first TV appearance we’re going to make.

With just a few days on hand to prepare for it, how do we make sure we can put our best look forward? Here are a few common problems and how you can get them fixed – in a breeze!

How to make a pimple heal quickly

What does Murphy’s law say? And we can sometimes attest to it, can’t we? A pimple simply have to appear when we need to look our best. Argh.


Don’t: Apply concealer over it in an attempt to “hide” it. It will only clog the pore further and aggravate it. Furthermore, when your concealer budge a few hours later, the pimple is going to show up – worse than before.

Try: Garnier Pure Active 2-in-1 Tinted Pimple Roll On (SGD22.90)

Tinted Roll on(new)

This is a blemish-buster and a concealer at the same time. While packing for my trip recently, I realise a pimple look like it’s going to appear anytime on my nose (the symptom: enlarged pore on one spot, with white head or black head, and a bit of redness). So I packed this along and applied it after I squeezed out the white head. The pimple didn’t form at all in the end, and was simply soothed and became flat. Besides as a preemptive measure, you can also use it if you get a zit on the big day itself. Because it’s tinted, you can use it in place of the concealer.

Now, nobody will be staring at the raging, pus-filled pimple, but instead, pay attention to you as you speak.

What to do with dry lips?

Some of us simply have drier lips than others. No matter how much water we drink and how we refrain from licking our lips, we still have peeling lips that look dry and chapped. Not a good look.

how to prevent dry lips
Don’t: Apply lip balm on your lips repeatedly. The dry skin that’s forming on the lips are going to “block” the nourishing elements and your lips are just going to stay dry.

Try: Exfoliating your lips with a toothbrush regularly

If you have chronic dry lips, run a toothbrush gently over your lips every time you brush your lips. This action will help remove whatever dead skin is on your lips, and at the same time, exfoliate it. This serves as a gentle massage to naturally plump up your lips too – so do this before you go for your important appointment too!

philosophy kiss me tonight

If you’re doing this at night, I recommend that you follow up with a nourishing lip balm and leave it on overnight. What I love using is Philosophy’s Kiss Me Tonight. It always helps me wake up to smoother and softer lips that are less prone to dryness.

And there you go, healthy, kissable lips!

What to do with yellow nails

Don’t forget your nails. After all, besides our face, our hands are the ones that get noticed most by those around us. Medical conditions and overuse of nail polishes can sometimes cause our nails to look yellow and unhealthy.

healthy nails

Don’t: Apply nail polish over in a bid to “cover” the yellow or discoloured nails. This will only make them more brittle and unhealthy.

Try: Dermal Therapy Nail Magic (SGD15.50)

Dermal Therapy Nail Magic

This product helps nails in three ways: remove discolouration and whiten nails, soften and reduce nail thickness, strengthen dry and brittle nails. It has a brush applicator and all you have to do is apply the dry onto your nails once a day and see your nail’s condition improving within a few days. This is useful even for those who have yellowed nails because of medicinal side effects, eczema, diabetes and cigarette smoking.

Now you don’t have to be self-conscious when you give handshakes, a pat or when the camera does a closeup on your hand!

What other quick fixes do you know of?