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We know how maintaining a beauty regime can sometimes take a toll on our pockets. Psst, come lil’ closer – we’ve got a few tips that can help reduce our upkeep!


Revive Dried Nail Polish

Don’t be too quick to dump it out. Add a few drops of polish remover into it, and then shake well. You should be able to use it again in a few seconds.

Revive Dried Mascara

Put the tube into a glass a warm water and then – tada! – it’s came back to life! Just take note not to continue using mascaras that are over three months old. You may get an eye infection from using mascaras that are too old.

Use Beauty Products Till Last Drop

Place products upside down and let gravity do its job. This simple gesture ensures that every drop of product can be reaped.

Get Product Samples From Beauty Counters

Most skincare and makeup counters offer samples. You could always ask them for it – they’re meant to be given! That being said, we’re not encouraging you to get samples for free so you don’t need to buy them. Rather, you can save more money if you buy products after you’ve sampled them to ensure you won’t waste money on unsuitable ones.

Make Eyeliner Pencils & Lip Liners Last Longer

The simple trick to help eyeliner pencils and lip liners last longer is to place them in the fridge before you sharpen them. They will have less tendencies to break after that.

Do you know of other tricks and tips? Is there any of these tricks that you’d try?