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We all want to look perfectly fabulous on our wedding day, after all, it is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. With the excitement and flurry of activities leading up to the big day, there are bound to be mistakes made and things you regret doing. We help take a load off your mind by compiling a list of the dreaded beauty mishaps to avoid so you’ll look your absolute best! These tips are not only for all brides-to-be out there, the same can apply for all you knights in shining armour as well.

1. Don’t be too adventurous with your skincare regime

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Trying out new beauty products can be fun, but you should avoid changing your routine (at all costs) within in the week leading up to your big day as it increases the risk of your skin breaking out. As your wedding day draws near, it is not the time to be adventurous and experiment with your skincare regime. It is best to keep your skincare consistent – stick to what has been working – and not be caught up with piling on new products that claim to help you with your skin troubles.

2. Don’t experiment with your makeup


Similar to your skincare routine, you should not change your makeup routine to avoid any skin irritations by unfamiliar products on your face. Even if you do not have sensitive skin, you are never certain how your skin will react to a new product.

Having a makeup trial may be an extra cost, but a worthy one. Alternatively, choose the same makeup artist for both your wedding shoot and ceremony so you will not be caught unprepared on your wedding day.

DV Tip: Look at the portfolio of your makeup artists on real clients (instead of models for editorial work) to have a better idea if you like his/her style. 

3. No deep facials

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As much as we love facials, do not get one just before walking down the aisle. Deep facials such as chemical peels, glycolic acid treatment or microdermabrasion facial may irritate your skin, leaving them red and irritated. These treatments take at least a week to take effect to give you radiant skin, so schedule them earlier!

DV Tip: If you are a close friend of the bride, do not get new beauty products or a pampering facial session as a gift prior to the wedding. Everyone’s skin is unique, hence what may work for someone may not work for another. Even if the bride is experimental with skincare and facial, the period just before her wedding isn’t the best time to try something unfamiliar.

4. Don’t try a new hair stylist or drastically change your hairstyle

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This may sound like common sense, however, we can’t emphasise enough how important your crowning glory is on this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.  Trying a new hair stylist or changing your hairstyle and colour may bring you unnecessary worries as you may not have enough time to fix your hair if something goes wrong.

Stick to your trusted hair stylist to give you your ideal wedding hairstyle months in advance, and visit the salon for maintenance two to three weeks before the long-awaited wedding day.

5. No beach days


If you want a natural sun-kissed glow on your wedding day, start planning your tan at least three months in advance. Don’t visit the beach for a long tanning session as you risk looking like a red lobster and skin peeling from sunburns while kissing the groom or bride. If you decide to visit a tanning salon, make sure you’ve experimented at the salon and is satisfied with the results weeks after. But we don’t usually recommend tanning of any kind. We’d rather you fake it with bronzing powder!

6. Avoid dark liquids

Pearly white teeth is the star of all wedding day photos, hence dark liquids are the bane of the day. By dark liquids, we mean anything from red wine to coffee (yes!) which will stain your teeth. Also avoid dark-coloured food such as cherries, blueberries, popsicles etc. It’s definitely worthwhile to abstain from these beverages and foods a week to your wedding.

7. Don’t lose sleep

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You may have lots of tasks on your to-do list in the final week to your wedding, or perhaps you’re too excited about your big day. But make sure you’re getting adequate rest, especially in the final seven days before your wedding. Your skin repairs itself at night, so having sufficient rest rejuvenates your skin naturally. Besides this, the practical reason is also to train your body to be able to wake up early on your wedding day for the rituals and ceremonies awaiting you.